The People's Empire of Iran
Peoples Empire
Capitol City Eşfahān
Alliance ICP
Government Communist
President Amir "Kommando" Jasheed
Ruling Party
Communist Party of Iran
Official Languages Farsi
National Motto Workers of the World, Unite
National Anthem The Internationale
Currency Rial
Natural Resources Gold, Marble
Improvements Harbor: 1, Factories: 2
Cybernations Page People's Empire

General InformationEdit

The People's Empire of Iran was founded in 2005 after the "People's War" lead by Amir "Kommando" Jasheed. Based on Marxist Ideals it has become a Communist Utopia, in which the worker is free, and equality riegns.


The Creation of the People's Empire of Iran was neither pure Revolution or pure Democracy. After the dissolution of the Mighty Soviet Union the Communist Party of Iran was on the verge of a dissolution of it's own. Until Amir Jasheed, born in 1965 and raised as a Marxist from birth, was elected Chairmen of the CPI. Chairmen Jasheed was the man who commanded the CPI Forces in the Campaign he called the People's War.

The People's WarEdit

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