The People's Liberation Army official Flag

People's Liberation Army is the term used to define the military forces of the People's Republic of Zhongnanhai. However, it is commonly used to identify just the ground forces. The PLA is a voluntary fighting force, but students who are preparing to go to college/universities are required a 3 week course in militia training. Also written in the constitution it is stated that "It is the duty of all citizens of Zhongnanhai to protect the glorious motherland" which is used by the party as a statement that conscription is a constitutional act. Recruits must be 18 years of age to register.

People's Liberation Army Ground ForcesEdit

The People's Liberation Army Ground Forces are the pride of Zhongnanhai. Soldiers are armed with Type 81 rifles. The Type 81 is an improved Soviet AK-47 (Zhongnanhai Type 56). It has a longer barrel for improved accuracy and less recoil. Because of this upgrade it is slightly larger than the AK-47. Recently since the "New China" policy was enacted the Central Military Commission has worked to stamp out the Type 81 and replace it with the newer Type 95. This rearmament has been slow and it has only been used by the Special Forces and the Beijing Garrison. Since the CMC produced its first tank , a domestic version of the T-34, the PLA has put a lot of focus on producing a strong tank force. The PLA uses the Type 99 tanks which is comparable to many western models and draws a lot of its influence from the Abram M1A2, Leopard 2, and the T-80. Working along side these new tanks are the older Type 80s and Type 85s. These tanks are still commonly seen in service with the People's Liberation Army Ground Forces. The People's Liberation Army has been known for massive tank assaults that have lead to many successes in war.

People's Liberation Army AirforceEdit

The People's Liberation Army Airforce is one of the most successful fighting forces on planet bob. the first planed to come into service were the J-4 a copy of Sakhalin's MiG-15. These planes saw combat during the Maroon conflict and Zhongnanhai only lost one MiG (this is not a lie, in game I lost one MIG). The PLAAF did not introduce bombers until it participated in the St. Patricks Day War. The PLAAF in the past months have introduced the J-10 that compromises the entire PLAAF fighter corps. Although Zhongnanhai did develop its own bomber the H-6 never saw widespread distribution in the PLAAF. The CMC did sell many of these to foreign socialist states. The common bomber of the PLAAF is the Tupolev Tu-160 imported when CMC officials visited the many Soviet Socialist Republics that are spread across Russia.

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