Persia is the Pope of the "Church of Holy Persia, and Ladder Day Sons". He is considered a savior to the people of Digiterra, sent down by mighty admin. Here are passages from "The Book of Persia" and explanations of them.

"Oh ye who believe, fight those who do not believe, for Persia loves war"- This passage clearly tells us that Persia approves of war. Therefore, those who adhere to Persiaism are permitted to wage war against those who do not.

"He who created Digiterra, and delivered Persia to guide ye, him and his noble assistants are the friend of Persia, and his glorious Church"- This passage is referring to mighty admin, and his moderation team. This verse clearly states that Persia is a Prophet from admin.

"Persia is awesome, awesome is he"- Awesome is this verse, awesome is it.

"He who engages in OCC attacks, is the enemy of Persia, and his glorious Church"- This verse makes it clear that the Church, nor it's member may ever engage in such activities.

"Fight not the oppressors, but aspire to be them"- This verse does not need explaining.

"At the beginning of time, admin had six children. They grew old, thus he created another child, Persia, who was granted eternal life"

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