The Person Edit

Peter Wiggin is a member of the defensive contact conservatism party in the Hegemon of Earth. He believes in diplomacy and an advanced defensive army. He believes in strong morals and believes thatstrong morals come from religion. He is currently a citizen of the Hegemony of Earth.

Current Offices Edit

Peter Wiggin is currently the Hegemon of the nation "The Hegemon of Earth". He is also the Senator of Foreign Affairs for the Federation of Independent States.

Accomplisments Edit

Peter Wiggin is the founder of the Federation of Independent States. He is the writer of the charter of the Federation and has written many treaties and ammendments.

Order of the Black Griffin. Founder of the Universal Accord.

Peter Wiggin has had an amazing diplomatic history; founding many alliances and organizations, writing many treaties, and mediating disputes.

Currently a member of Green Team.

Links Edit

The Federation

The Hegemony of Earth

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