Pingtze Tse Yangchi was born April 17, 1954 in Hailar, China. Although there are no records to define these claims, he was born as Pingtze Chuang Elliott's son, but was abandoned at 3 years old near a makeshift camp during an eastern trek. Pingtze quickly learned the ways of the wilderness in order to provide for himself and survive in nature.

By the time he was 20, he had travelled far south to Beijing. He became a merchant's apprentice and was able to live a decent lifestyle for a number of years. It could be due to his childhood, but he was never able to settle and have a family. Instead, he chose to lavish himself in luxuries such as jewelry and silk clothes to distinguish himself as a hard-working individual in a city of peasantry and poverty.

Pingtze Tse Yangchi gained experience with numerals and mathematics thanks to his occupation as a merchant. Through his knowledge of numbers, he studied various styles of gambling, and began to invest his income primarily on playing games against the odds. However, as he didn't know, the house always wins in the end. Yangchi lost his luxurious lifestyle and became a nomad once again, like his father always had been.

He travelled north, expecting to land in Russia to enlist to fight against Afghanistan. He reached 100 miles within the border when he passed by a peculiar town, bustling with activity. He approached the townspeople and they were all working in the fields producing sugar and spices. They notified him of where he was, the newly established nation of Tsing Lo, led by Ryan Elliott. After hours of respectable conversation, he became friends with the fieldworkers and even stayed at their home.

Weeks went by while Pingtze analyzed the possibility of having a brother. It was probable, but his instinct kept him from believing this idea. He began rallying citizens and troops to support him against the president, until the one bloody day on February 5th, 2007, when Pingtze's army raided the capital and took control.

Up through this very day, he has led Tsing Lo in a transitional government and used the religion of Shinto to entice the people.

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