Pittsburghistan: [1]

Pittsburghistan is the founding nation of the Prism Protection Front (PPF) alliance and very much a nation of shark lovers. Originally a member of the LUEnited Nations alliance and a former member of the CoaLUEtion during the Great LOL War (Great War I), Pittsburghistan still carries strong ties to LUE and ASCII Dionobeasts.


PPF/Pittsburghistani flag

Currently—and most intentionally—in a state of massive bill lock, Pittsburghistan is free from the worries of "paying bills" and "maintaining its military" to focus on more important things, such as collecting taxes so as not to disappear from the face of planet Bob.

Though the PPF and Pittsburghistan have no dedicated off-site forums (see laziness cited above), they can be reached through in-game emails or at the Cybernations main forums:

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