Pocket Pact PIAT

Random Insanity Alliance

Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies

The Pocket Pact PIAT was a treaty between the Random Insanity Alliance and Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies (and later the Spootland-Phantom Alliance of Allied Allies) announced on June 26, 2007. Around two months later they signed the The Spootland-Just-Got-A-Whole-Lot-Secksier Act, a ProtectoRIte agreement. On May 18, 2008 SPAAA merged with The Phantom Warrior Corps to form the Spootland-Phantom Alliance of Allied Allies. While the protectorate was dropped due to the merger the Pocket Pact PIAT remains honored by the new SPAAA. It became defunct on October 22, 2008 when SPAAA disbanded.

Pocket Pact PIAT between the Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies and the Random Insanity AllianceEdit

1. We like each other.

2. We're not going to rummage through each others' garbage.

3. Our little black books are open for perusal. ;>.> *blush*

4. If one needs change for the vending machine, we WOULD consider parting with the Susan B. Anthony coins.

D: Florida

6. There's a 48 hour Grace period. We should be so fortunate Grace's period doesn't last much longer...

Signed for the RIA:Edit

Moth - Leader
zombie2000 - War Advisor
EnragedLobster - Head of Internal Affairs
zblewski - Minister of Propaganda

Signed for the SPAAA:Edit

Mordecai McGilicuddy-Minister of Defence, interim Leader
Landru the Falcon-Minister of Finance

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