Porto Pacis
Porto Pacis adopted the flag of
the former Governorship of Macaca in 2008
Nation J Andres
Location Port Augusta, South Australia
Area 150 square miles
Population 4,000,000
Porto Pacis was a colony district established by President Ben Richards in late September and early 1994. The territory in which the colony was constructed was over the former nation of Monkeymanisland in which J Andres fought in The War of the Monkeys. J Andres and the North Atlantic Defense Coalition ended up winning the conflict, but not before serious damage was caused to J Andres, especially in the city of Cranston.

In 2003, President Adrik Annan ceded half of Porto Pacis to the Promised Land in accordance to the Porto Pacis Conference. Later in 2007, the remainder of the Porto Pacis District was ceded to the Promised Land.


Porto Pacis

Map of Porto Pacis

The City was vast with an approximate 30 mile diameter from the geographical center. The most dense urbanization was located in the southwestern portion of the territory.

The harbor of Porto Pacis is vast and rivals those of even Endor Cuidad and Porto Georgiaville. Porto Pacis was designed to be a forward port for shipping and receiving goods. Millions of tonnage goes through Porto Pacis annually. The most common nation which trades through Porto Pacis is Bradavia, the Coalition Member situated in New Zealand who trades Iron and Lead with J Andres.

The Military Installation of Porto Pacis was another primary reason for the expansion, allowing J Andres to have an advance base, especially for the navy, but for the army as well. This allowed J Andres to assert its strength in both hemispheres of the globe.

Due to the terms used in the colonization of the Pacis District, the "colony" was technically an "Administrative District" meaning all residents were J Andres citizens and had representation in the Commune and were eligible to vote in J Andres National Elections, whereas other colonies such as JAD Land did not have representation.