Povertavia is relatively large and extremely powerful nation which has managed to achieve great prowess after relative depression. She has no interest in nuclear weapons, but believes that nuclear power is the main source of energy for the future. Although the people are not warlike by nature, Povertavia has a large and powerful military which She will utilise if and when the time comes.

JediFalco Edit

The leader of the bustling powerful nation of Povertavia. Born in the capital city Sankt-Povertberg in 1989, JediFalco is currently the youngest ruler of the country, being 16 when he was declared Emperor.

The System War Edit

Despite the youth of the nation, it's people have experienced dark times; the System War in particular has left a scar on the population. The bloody conflict, which followed a wonderful economical boom, left the nation in anarchy after massive defeats by the Alliance of the Nations of System 37.

After The War Edit

After being rejected membership to the NPO and left struggling for her survival, Povertavia managed to scramble back and now is a member of her old enemy, System 37, and is currently the most powerful member in the Alliance and her strength and wisdom is called upon in dark times by the other members.

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