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President Shanuti Aborina is the current and long-term President of the United European Union. He is the leader of the Traditionalist Unity Party, which currently holds the staggering majority (86%) in Congress. The TUP's biggest competitor, the Reformist Party, holds only 10% of congress. It is safe to say that unless any huge mistakes are made by President Shanuti, his party is likely to hold the main seat of power for many years to come.

Current EventsEdit

Upon the creation of the United European Union as a Sovreign State, President Shanuti declared the UUE a Democracy. However, due to a plague that threatened to throw his population into anarchy, he was advised to take firmer control over his people and therefore declared himself the sole leader of the country, in order to make the hard decisions that had to be made as quickly as possible.

This only lasted a few days however, and President Shanuti responded to a request by the people of his nation to change the system of government. President Shanuti saw that a strong central power to reside over important matters would work well for his nation, and therefore declared the UUE a Federal Democracy. His decisions have led to an era of prosperity for his country, and his people fully support his decisions over the wars against Rogue nations and more recently, the OWN, in order to defend the New Polar Order, an alliance that the people voted a staggering 95% 'Yes' to joining.

President Shanuti is currently focussing on new issues that the population of his nation are worried about. These include the technology of the UEU and to increase the infrastructure of the UEU so that the population can continue on its steep climb.

The UEU under the presidentship is also increasing the nation's military strength. Advancements in technology has allowed the UEU to create a mobile and advanced military that will allow the UEU to support allies in the NpO in any war more effectively.

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