Prodigiosa Terra

National Flag
Capital City Magnus Urbs
Official Language(s) English, Latin
Established 6/24/2007
(3,713 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler BeastieBoy
Alliance Nebula-X
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Aqua team Aqua
Statistics as of 6/15/08
Total population 86,989
 66,989 civilians
 20,000 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100.00%
Religion Christianity Christianity
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 6,259.99
Technology 992.33
Nation Strength 28,656.569
Nation Rank 3,565 of 5,242 (68.01%)
Total Area 1,388.493 Earth icon
Native Resources Iron Oil
Connected Resources Aluminum Cattle Fish Gems Gold Iron Lead Lumber Marble Oil Water Wheat
Bonus Resources Beer Construction Microchips Scholar

Prodigiosa Terra is a medium sized, well developed, and old nation at 357 days old with citizens primarily of Croat ethnicity whose religion is Voodoo. Its technology is first rate and its citizens marvel at the astonishing advancements within their nation. Its citizens pay extremely high taxes and many despise their government as a result. The citizens of Prodigiosa Terra work diligently to produce Iron and Oil as tradable resources for their nation. It is a mostly neutral country when it comes to foreign affairs. It will usually only attack another nation if attacked first. When it comes to nuclear weapons Prodigiosa Terra will not research or develop nuclear weapons. The military of Prodigiosa Terra has been positioned at all border crossings and is arresting all drug traffickers. Prodigiosa Terra allows its citizens to protest their government but uses a strong police force to monitor things and arrest lawbreakers. Its borders are closed to all forms of immigration. Prodigiosa Terra believes in the freedom of speech and feels that it is every citizen's right to speak freely about their government. The government gives foreign aid when it can, but looks to take care of its own people first. Prodigiosa Terra will not make deals with another country that has a poor history of inhuman treatment of its citizens.

Internal Structure Edit

Prodigiosa Terra is ruled by a Monarchy. The blood line of kings has extended from ages before. The kings of Prodigiosa Terra we known to be among the noblest. Strong in stature and honorable in virtue.

Choosing a KingEdit

The Kings of Prodigiosa Terra were normally selected from within a royal blood line. In this instance males had the priority in kingship, however if no male was available within the royal blood line, a woman would be chosen. In some instance, blood lines were cut short either from war or from infertility. In order for a new king to be chosen... under construction


under construction


under construction

Government TreeEdit

under construction

History of Prodigiosa Terra (IC)Edit

under construction

History of Prodigiosa Terra (RL)Edit

The BeginningEdit

Prodigiosa Terra was founded when BeastieBoy discovered cybernations in February 2007. He was browsing a forum for the book Eragon when the nation simulation game cybernations was brought up in a topic. BeastieBoy initially checked the site out only to find he loved its design. So within minutes the nations of Prodigiosa Terra was founded and formed. At first, BeastieBoy was completely clueless to the game's structure, but he soon gained a hold of the mechanics within cybernations. At the same tome BeastieBoy received dozens of recruitment messages, all asking the civilians of Prodigiosa Terra to join their alliance. After much review, and tough decision making, BeastieBoy decided to join the ancient Global Alliance and Treaty Organization.

Days in GATOEdit

So BeastieBoy changed Prodigiosa Terra's initial color from green to brown in honor of GATO. All seemed fine and BeastieBoy began to slowly grow and prosper. He was not very active on the GATO forums but remained in tune to public matters and participated in the few aid programs. All was perfect for BeastieBoy until when reality set in and Great War 3 hit. BeastieBoy had no clue to how the war system worked so was quickly bombarded with attackers. Luckily, however, BeastieBoy was able to fight back his enemies by sheer defense. Soon GW3 ended and Prodigiosa Terra was left with about 900 casualties. Although BeastieBoy has individually won, as a group GATO had been defeated and military restrictions were placed on its members. Luckily this made no difference to BeastieBoy. All in all, GW3 provided a huge spark for BeastieBoy that made him love cybernations more than ever before. Unfortunately, this love led BeastieBoy of Prodigiosa Terra to a down fall of pure stupidity.

Breaking the RulezEdit

under construction

Back to GATOEdit

under construction

Joining the UnionEdit

under construction

Merge with OFSEdit

under construction

To the Land of the SamuraiEdit

under construction

This is PL!Edit

under construction

A new SUN RisesEdit

under construction

I'll have a merge with a side of coupEdit

under construction

Into the Land of ShroomsEdit

under construction


BeastieBoy returns to Cyber Nations on March 31, 2012, born anew.

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