Queen Azra's rule began June 10, 2006 when Zahir gained it's independence. She resides in the Royal Palace in Zahir City. Since beginning her rule she has worked hard to ensure her people are happy, providing modern, high technology advancements within Zahir.

When Queen Azra first began ruling Zahir she made the decision to join the New Polar Order. Once in the NpO she quickly learned the ropes and began to help as many other nations as she could. After rising to an Alliance Councilor position she was appointed to Imperial Regent under Emperor Electron Sponge. In February 2007, feeling disillusioned and powerless in her role as Imperial Regent, Queen Azra resigned from the NpO and formed a new alliance, Commonwealth Of International Nations.

Today she rules over the alliance with her trusted high government and has been successful again at helping many nations succeed in CyberNations.

The Celebration of the Queen's BirthdayEdit

The horns blasted, heralding the arrival of Feanor, Prince of the northern Kingdom of the Isles in Zahir. The young Prince stepped from one of the carriages and, dressed in his white-and-gold cloak, bows gracefully before Queen Azra.

He smiles warmly at the Queen, "It is good to finally meet you in person, beautiful Lady of Zahir. These are for you..." He takes a bunch of roses from behind his back and hands them to the Queen, before grinning broadly, "I would sing you 'happy birthday' but, y'see, I'm tone deaf, so it would more likely torture you then please you..."

He puts two fingers to his lips and whistles loudly. Without the aid of the servant mounted on it, a magnificent white mare rides up to Feanor's side, "Her name is Snowmare - she's a Viltarian horse, one of the finest in my homeland...I hope her new mistress likes her."

He beams at the Queen, a touch of admiration in his expression.

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