République française
Vfrance 115px-France coa
Flag & Coat of Arms of France
Force par l'unité, unité par la foi
(French: "Strength through unity, unity through faith")
Capital Ana les Villes
Largest City Paris
Official Languages French
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary of State
Unitary Republic
Mariemaia Michalka
Renée Dubois
Jacqueline Laperriere
Formation 843 (Treaty of Verdun)
(4th Republic: June 13, 1939)
 • Total
 • Water (%)

155.466 mi diameter. (06 Apr. 05)
 • Civilians
 • Military

824 Frenchmen (06 Apr. 05)
151 Soldiers (06 Apr. 05)
National Anthem La Marseillaise
National Animal Duck
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: 89.82% 06 Apr. 05)
Currency 1 Franc ($) = 100 centimes
 • Connected
(April 5, 2005)
Water Lumber
Fish Gold Iron Coal
Rubber Wine Furs Marble

République française (English: French Republic), often said simply as France, is a country whose metropolitan territory is located in Western Europe. France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and North Sea, and from the Rhine River to the Atlantic Ocean. French people often refer to Metropolitan France as l'Hexagone (the "Hexagon") because of its geographical shape.

The French Republic is a democracy which is organized as a unitary presidential republic. The nation is legislated by French Parliament which is split into two chambers, the National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale) and a Senate. Parliament controls many aspects of France, however is ultimately underneath the Constitutional power of the President, who tends to grant Parliament's wishes and demands.

The name France originates from the Franks, a Germanic tribe that occupied the region after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. More precisely, the region around Paris, called Île-de-France, was the original French royal demesne.



Government and PoliticsEdit







Education in FranceEdit

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