National Flag
Capital City Kimur
Official Language(s) Czech, English
Established April 5, 2006
(4,371 days old)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Alliance Siberian Tiger Alliance
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team White team White
Statistics as of July 2, 2008
Total population 99,291
 79,296 civilians
 19,995 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion None None
Currency Currency Euro Euro
Infrastructure 7,199.89
Technology 2,858.24
Nation Strength 46,783.326
Nation Rank 1,015 of 5,242 (19.36%)
Total Area 2,492.258 Earth icon
Native Resources Lumber and Wheat
Connected Resources Aluminum, Cattle, Fish, Gems, Iron, Marble, Pigs, Spices, Sugar, Water
Bonus Resources Beer, Fast Food, Construction

Location Edit

Rakari is situated on the continent of Europe. It is a centrally located country.

History Edit

Alliance Membership Edit

Through Rakari's history, the nation was mainly a member of the alliance, Legion. From April 5, 2006 until November 9, 2007, Rakari had left Legion for only a week at a time at most. First, Rakari joined the New Pacific Order in November 2006, and then assisted in forming Valhalla in February 2007. Finally, Rakari left Legion for good during PurpleGate and joined Greenland Republic.

Since mid-November 2007, Rakari has been a member of the Siberian Tiger Alliance (leaving for a brief 6 day stint in The Order of the Paradox).

Early Wars Edit

War with usa Edit

The nuclear terrorist, usa, declared an end to its neutral stance on May 2, 2006. This allowed Rakari to engage in its first war against the rogue nation. Many Rakarian soldiers died in the early battles with usa's troops, but in the end, usa was left with rubble with which to rebuild its once-powerful nation.

War with Serbia Edit

Rakari declared war with Serbia on May 12, 2006, in retaliation for Serbia's unprovoked attack on Legion member Archipelago. Along with Archipelago and The Island of the White Buffalo, Rakari helped trounce the Serbian army into oblivion. The nation eventually disappeared and became just a memory.

War with NHCC Edit

On May 24, 2006, Rakari joined the Legion in war against the NAAC. The Rakarian troops were sent to do battle against NHCC and were met with little resistance. NHCC refused to attack Rakari. On May 29, an armistice was declread with the NAAC, which led to immediate peace between Rakari and NHCC.

Other Wars of Interest Edit

Rakari has participated in many war, nearly all of them in the defense of Legion or her allies. Following Polar War II, Rakari took part in the WSA War, in which the nation felt the sting of nuclear weapons for the first time. Rakari was also involved in Great War I, Great War III, the Unjust War, and numerous rogue demolition operations.

Following Rakari's entrance to the Siberian Tiger Alliance, the nation went to war again for the Shark War, the GATO War, and WAPA War II.

Culture Edit

The national sport of Rakari is hockey and many professional athletes hail from the country.

Religion Edit

Originally, Rakari was founded without a major religion. Throughout their history, they have tried many religions, but determined they were happier without an official religion.

Government Edit

Rakari has gone through many government changes, but they are currently pleased with their democratic government, which is headed by President Logan Alexander.