Founding Date 1 September 2006
National Motto Pax in Bello
National Color Purple
National Sport None
Alliance Legion
Capital City Merill
Type of Government Federal
Ruler EDogg
Ethnicity Pacific Islander
Religions Jainism
National Languages English, Maori
Base Coordinates -35.31736632923786, 173.704833984375
Area of Land 84.858 mile diameter
Population Per Mile 23.08
 • Civilians
 • Soldiers
2000 Total
1,501 Working Citizens
498 Soldiers
Resources Wine and Pigs
Improvements None
Currency Dollar

Red HillsEdit


The nation of Red Hills was formed after the Collapse. It is located in the upper section of New Zealand's 'North Island'. Although it was lucky compared to other nations and suffered no lasting environmental effects, the level of technology available to it's citizens is nothing like what was available before the Collapse. Red Hills is heavily reliant on the natural environment around it, trading fish caught in two of its major coastal areas (the Hokianga Harbour and the Bay of Islands) for resources from fellow Legion members. Wine is also traded, as the quality of that area's famed wine has not diminished in quality.


The Rise of EDoggEdit

In the years following the Collapse, New Zealand had slipped into a Communist Dicatorship under Helena Clerke. The people of the land lived in abject poverty, while Helena and her government officials lived wealthy lives. There were whisperings of revolt amongst the populat, and eventually it happened. On the 3rd of September 2006 a man calling himself 'EDogg' led a large group of people from the south and east of Auckland northward, escaping the control of President Clarke. They set up camp near a major road junction, in an area famed for its wine and within a few miles of both the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. And so the Red Hills was born.

The LegionEdit

(more to come)


Land DivisionEdit


1st Red Hills Battalion

  • 500 men


  • 22 tanks, led by 'Old Martha'

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