Red horse
Capital City Red Horse
Founded April 26, 2006
Team Color Blue
Alliance AEF Allied Expeditionary Force
  • Ruler
Official Language Okie
National Animal Quarter Horse
National Sport Bullriding
National Motto "Redneck Forever"
Currency Dollar
Resources Coal & Lead

About Red Horse Edit

Red Horse [1] was founded April 26, 2006 in the quiet, remote Kiamichi Mountains in the southeast region of Oklahoma Territory. The people of Red Horse are peaceful, though willing to take up arms in defense of their nation if necessary. Aside from working tirelessly to produce lead and coal for trade, they enjoy a simple, down to earth lifestyle.

Non-Aggressive Edit

Red Horse is a peaceful nation. Although war is an option, war initiated by Red Horse is a contradiction to it's leader's philosophy of economic strength and growth.

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