The Drachian Empire Edit

The Drachian Empire was an old, barely noticable rebel faction located near the town of Arta. In late 2006, investigators are not aware of the precise date, as their 'revolution' may have been going on for months already, as armed militiamen walked the streets of Arta and surrounding farmland since that time.

Though, upon a certain moment, the Drachian Empire, merely 20 man strong, took the town of Arta over and began rapidly spreading throughout surrounding towns and cities surrounding Arta, in a rather peaceful takeover, with less then 10 citizen casualties officially reported. They were not looked upon as a menace immediatly, untill it was too late of course. Now they control a large portion of land in the midwest of Greece, their forces nearly 8,000 man strong now, and growing daily.

They have joined the global alliance and treaty organisation a short time after they came to notable existance, offering their men and might to aid in times of war and need, to ensure their survival, and the peaceful continueing existance of this rising nation.

Reena Drachian Edit

The soldiers are led by a mysterious person whom calls herself Reena Drachian, whether she is a real individual or some sort of religious icon is not known, not one person (outsider) has ever heard of- or seen her, so proof of existance is naught.

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