Reichskaiser is the name of the highest position in Nordreich. The position, which is similar to many other heads of state across the Cyberverse, was also previously used by Norden Verein. The Reichskaiser is the sovereign and monarch of Nordreich until death or resignation. It is in the Reichskaiser in whom is vested the power to issue declarations on behalf of the Reich. He is the ceremonial Head of State, and the head of Nordreich nobility as appointed by the late Kaiser and confirmed by the Althing.

Kaisers of Nordreich (2006-2007)Edit

Kaiser MartensEdit

Main Article: Kaiser Martens

Magnus NordirEdit

Main Article: Magnus Nordir

Kaisers of Norden Verein (2007-2008)Edit

Kaiser MartensEdit

Main Article: Kaiser Martens


Main Article: Striderwannabe

Kaisers of Nordreich (2009- )Edit


Main Article: Kingzog


Main Article: Nemhauser

Vinzent ZeppelinEdit

Main Article: Vinzent Zeppelin


Main Article: Thor


Main Article: Bandnerd

Oro Ibah AozpiEdit

Main Article: Oro Ibah Aozpi

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