Republic of Arkansas
RA Flag
Motto Regnet Populus
Capital Little Rock
Formation February 10th, 2008
Alliance Affiliation
TGE Flag
The German Empire
Nation Team White
Official Languages English
Government Federal Republic
President Mike Huckabee
Vice President TBA
Major Religion Christianity
Currency Dollar ($)
Statistics as of 2/13/2008
Infrastructure 103.21
Literacy Rate 20.00%
Tax Rate 16%
Tot. Area 26.149 miles diameter
National Strength 502.305
Nation Rank 25,181 of 31,235 Nations
Rank within Alliance 142 of 183 Nations
Tot. Population 1,445 Total
932 Citizens
512 Military Personel
Gross Income $39.23
Natl. Resources Fish, Iron

Geography Edit

Arkansas has a mix of mountains, valleys, thick forests, and fertile plains. On the western border is the Mississippi River. In the northwest is the Ozark Plateau and in the south is the Ouachita Mountains. The south and eastern parts of the nation are called the lowlands. Arkansas' highest point is Mount Magazine, at 2,753 feet high, in the Ouachita Mountains. The lowlands of Arkansas are made up of the Delta and Grand Prairie. Both these regions are very fertile agricultural lands. Arkansas is also home to many caves, such as the Blanchard Springs Caverns.

The nation's climate is generally humid subtropical. It is close enough to the Gulf of Mexico that the weather is influenced by the gulf. The summers are usually very hot and humid, while the winters are mild and dry.

History Edit

The Republic of Arkansas was founded on February 10, 2008 by Mike Huckabee, who also became President. The nation was quickly growing and it joined The German Empire on February 11. The next day, Arkansas was attacked by surprise and faced a massive loss.

Zoozastan War Edit

The Zoozastan War began when a small rogue nation, Zoozastan, attacked Arkansas and launched many attacks on the small peaceful nation. Unfortunately for Zoozastan, Arkansas received a large amount of aid following the attack and was able to strike back, along with allies, a put Zoozastan into anarchy. Besides Arkansas, Sudovia and Royal Prussia fought against Zoozastan, though Sudovia withdrew troops from the war on February 14. Current casualties in the war for Arkansas is 34.

Government & Politics Edit

The Republic of Arkansas is a federal republic made up of an executive, legislative, and judicial branch. The executive branch is led by the President, the legislative branch is led by the Congress, the judicial branch is led by the Supreme Court.

Arkansas Congress Edit

The Arkansas Congress is located in the capital of Little Rock. The current membership is the 1st Congress, which is a Republican majority.

Party Representation Edit

House of Representatives Edit

The current house seats are as follows:

Total - 150

Senate Edit

The current senate seats are as follows:

Total - 300

Military Edit

Arkansas' main military force is its Army which contains a good amount of soldiers and some tanks. Currently the military holds no major Air Force, and the nation due to lack of a major port, has no Navy.

Economy Edit

The Republic of Arkansas is a very small nation and its economy is still in the process of growing. The nation's main exports are iron, from the mountainous regions, and fish, from the Mississippi River. The nation does have other products it produces, such as wheat, corn, and various other agricultural items. At times the nation also can find diamonds in some of its mountain areas.

Demographics Edit

Ethnicity Edit

The majority of Arkansas is white, at 82.7%. Blacks make up 16.0% of the population. Other minorities are the American Natives (1.4%), Asians (0.9%), and Pacific Islanders (0.1%).

Language Edit

The official language of Arkansas is English, though 3.3% of the population speak Spanish at home. Ninety-five percent of the population always speaks English. There is also a very small percentage of people who speak German, French, or Vietnamese at home.

Religion Edit

Since it is apart of the Bible Belt, the nation holds a large Protestant population. Of the Protestant denominations, 39% are Baptist, 9% are Methodist, 6% are Pentecostal, 6% are the Church of Christ, 3% are the Assemblies of God, and 15% are apart of smaller denominations. Other than the Protestants, the nation is 7% Roman Catholic, <1% Orthodox Christian, and <1% with various smaller Christian denominations. The nation also have <1% of non-Christian religions.

Public Holidays Edit

Schools/Businesses Closed

  • January 1 New Years' Day
  • January 19 Confederate Memorial Day
  • January 19 Robert E. Lee Day
  • February 10 Independence Day
  • February 18 Washington's Day
  • March 21 Good Friday
  • March 23 Easter Sunday
  • March 24 Easter Monday
  • May 30 Memorial Day
  • July 4 American Remembrance Day
  • August 24 President's Day
  • September 1 Labor Day
  • September 11 Patriot Day
  • October 13 Columbus Day
  • November 11 Veterans' Day
  • November 27 Thanksgiving Day
  • December 24 Christmas Eve
  • December 25 Christmas Day
  • December 31 New Years' Eve

Other Holidays Edit

Schools/Businesses Remain in Function or Closed Early

  • February 14 Valentine's Day
  • February 27 Kaiser Day
  • March 17 St. Patrick's Day
  • April 1 April Fool's Day
  • May 11 Mother's Day
  • June 14 Flag Day
  • June 15 Father's Day
  • June 18 Imperial Day
  • September 7 Grandparent's Day
  • October 31 Halloween
  • November 28 Black Friday

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