Republic of Shepherd

National Flag
Capital City Philadelphia
Official Language(s) Finnish, English
Established 4/18/2007
(3,991 days old)
Government Type Federal Government Federal Government
Ruler General Shepherd
Alliance The Confederacy
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Blue team Blue
Statistics as of 27.4.2007
Total population 110 300 Supporters
 79 300 civilians
 32000 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%%
Religion Judaism Judaism
Currency Currency Euro Euro
Infrastructure 7,329.99
Technology 1,530.90
Nation Strength 40,930.585
Total Area 2,957.171 Earth icon
Native Resources Lead, and Lumber
Connected Resources Cattle, Fish, Aluminium, Iron, Marble, Sugar, Pigs, Spices, Water, Wheat, and Sugar

History Edit

Republic of Shepherd was created at 04.18.2007. General Shepherd aka. Shep is one of the High Commanders in The Confederacy. General Shepherd was member of Northern Treaty Organization for some months and before the Unjust War broke out, he joined New Polar Order. General Shepherd was member of New Polar Order for a bit over 7 months after rejoining NTO. After some drama, Northern Treaty Organization turned to Elitist Global Superstructure. After Medic's and Kadin's coup, General Shepherd resigned from Minister of Finances position in EGS government, along with Mayuri-sama, and they founed alliance The Confederacy.