Die Republik von Volland
Motto: "Alles für Volland" Latin:"Everything for Volland"
Flag and Coat of Arms Flag of Die Republik von Tungan Tungan Coat of Arms
Alliance Affiliation: Europa
EU location Republik Von Tungan

Die Republik von Tungan, in orange, within Europe.

Flag with NoR
Flag of Die Republik von Tungan NoR

The flag of Die Republik von Tungan as a member of the Nordreich

Official Name: Die Republik von Volland
Capitol City: Voll-en-Province
Head of State: Kaiser Luis Voltaire V
Government Type: Republik
Ruling Party: Die Republik von Volland Nationalistische Partei
Ethnicity: 30.5% ethnic Spanish, 24.2% ethnic German, 17.5% ethnic Swede, 13.8% ethnic Finn, 4.4% ethnic Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian, 8.6% Norwegian, 1% misc. european.
Official Languages: Swedish, German, Spanish.
Languages: Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, German, Swedish
National Religion: Norse being an almost cultural entity, but overall Volland is a secular state..
National Anthem: Das Lied der Leute von Volland
National Animal: Eagle
Economy: A Mixed Economy; socially minded corporate state with a prospering private sector. Regulations include environmental restrictions, profit-sharing, and architectural public works projects.
Trading Sphere: Maroon
Currency: Euro
National Resources: Coal, Iron

Volland, officially the Federal Republic of Volland (Vollish: Federat Republik van Volland, German: Bundesrepublik von Volland, Spanish: República Federal de Volland) is a country in West-Central Europe comprised of the former Republik von Tungan. Its creation came after the bloody Civil War (Tungan Civil War) which shattered the unity of and divided Tungan into a Western and Eastern part, the Western portion being now the Republik von Volland. It covers the one-fifth of the European continent and is the biggest country in Europe.

Reformation of the Great NationEdit

Once the Tungan Civil War was over, it was the job of the now divided portions of Tungan to declare their independence from each other. The former territories of Tungan in the Caucasus, New Zealand , and the Philippines declared themselves the People's Republic of Tungan. The European portions of Tungan and it's territories in Africa came under the new name of Die Republik von Volland. A name which the old tribe of Svean in Acient Tungan gave to the lands they inhabited. This newly formed Republic was kept under the rule of Luis Voltaire V.

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