Koninkrijk der Rijklandse
Kingdom of Richland
Flag of Koninkrijk der Rijklandse 'Kingdom of Richland Coat of arms of Koninkrijk der Rijklandse 'Kingdom of Richland
National Flag Coat of arms
Motto: God Bless Richland!
National Anthem: {{{national_anthem}}}
Capital Diamond City, District of Britannia
Official language(s) English, Dutch, Irish
Government Type Monarchy
National Religion Mixed
Team Orange
Alliance(s) None
Area  7.0
Population 150 citizens
Nation Strength 19.0
Currency Dollar (USD)

About Edit

The Kingdom of Richland is located in the Carribbean. South of the Atlantic Ocean, North of the Carribbean Sea. Its Actually a Monarchy ruled by the Rogers' Royal Family. Its national flag is Blue with two stripes diagonally located within the flag in white.

Shortname: Richland Long: The Kingdom of Richland Ruler: HRH Ghostie III

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