King Robinson I
United Kingdom
Monarch of The British Isles
Full Name Robinson George Windsor
Royal Title HM King Robinson I of the British Isles
Spouse HRH Princess Alice of York
Reign October 14, 2007 to
Preceeded By None
Allegiance Kingdom of the British Isles
Born May 12, 1952
London, The British Isles
Aliases King Robinson I; Robinson Windsor; King of the British Isles
Religion Christianity

King Robinson I (Robinson George Windsor; born 12 May 1952) is the King and Head of state in the lands of The British Isles. He ascended the throne to the Kingdom of The British Isles on October 14, 2007, whereby he was crowned king. As Head of State in The British Isles, it is the Monarch's responsibility to welcome foreign relations and represent the country as a national figurehead. His majesty has little government involvement and no real executive powers. These roles are usually executed by the the Head of Government in The British Isles; also known as the Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister is George Osborne, having been chosen by the people of The British Isles in the form of a general election.

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