Rodders World

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"When the rich wage war its the poor who die"
Alliance Zenith
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The Beginning Edit

Doctorrodders entered CN after looking for a simulation where you could control a country. He joined with 3 other friends, and with a woeful lack of understanding of how the game worked, decided it would be a good idea to create an alliance. This alliance was short lived however, and we all went our separate ways

North Star FederationEdit

Doctorrodders, after much searching on the OWF, decided to join NSF. He still knew very little about the game, but knew that it was the military aspect of the game which interested him most. In the time before he joined NSF, Doctorrodders indulged in tech raiding, something which he now deplores, but which gave him an insight into how badly many people fought. Seeing this, he was determined to find out more during his time at NSF.

A player under the name Master Cheif or crv24 as he is known now, assisted him in finding out more about the military, and eventually placed him in a position where Doctorrodders could influence how the military was set up. He was also given a place on the council, as although he was very inexperienced, he had some interesting ideas on structure. Unfortunately, due to a collapse in the friendships of the founders, NSF was disbanded. Many went to MASH, but Doctorrodders decided to join his friends in All Against All.

All Against AllEdit

AAA was a monarchy, and ruled by one person with a small council to assist him. Unfortuantly, the monarch was an extremely ineffective leader, and a coup insued. This resulted in the total collapse of AAA, and many members moved off to Athens.

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Rodder's world is a member nation of Zenith and whose leader is currently the temporary Minister of Defense following the resignation of Christian.