Rodentalusia is the capital of Weasaliastanica and a melting pot of cultures - rodent cultures, that is. Among the streets of Rodentalusia, sentient, humanoid rodents of every variety can be found living everywhere, including under bridges and in cardboard boxes. Although the vast majority of the population is composed of weasels, squirrels, and badgers, other species of rodents and Humans are a common sight.

The city is clean, safe, and free of most crime, but the lack of jobs in the area due to the absence of most businesses has left many without housing. However, despite their unfortunate predicament, even the homeless are comfortable, their cardboard boxes of the finest crafting and the bridges they live under in pristine condition. In fact, some envy the homeless of Rodentalusia for living in such a carefree lifestyle; no job to worry about, free food in every pigeon-infested park, and no money needed for their situation.

Life in Rodentalusia is often hard for those with jobs. The often shady and even more likely deadly work that occurs in the capital is usually that of a soldier, top-level businessman, or a hitman, the latter being far too common for its practice. While wages are high, the average time of someone holding a job is expected to be less than a week - they'll either be dead or outcompeted by then in most cases.

Despite the bad reputation that the work in Rodentalusia has, living in the city is fairly pleasant. Most apartments are luxurious, mansions are common, and even the least valuable housing structure is comfortably around what a middle-class citizen would expect.

As with standard Weasalian defense protocol, the city is located deep behind the "Falkman Line", an array of military fortifications angled towards the larger land mass to the North, with the smaller and less known "Fawcman Line" angled towards the Southern Panama choke point. These two defensive "walls" keep the city relatively safe from an incursion on the ground.

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