When the Kingdom of the Isles emerged from the wreckage that was Torania, the renowned Toranian prince, Rodric the Third, led the new power. After his death at the hands of unknown assassins, his son, Rodric the Mad, took the reigns of the Kingdom.

Many said he was not fit to rule, and Rodric proved this was the truth shortly after. He sold his wife and two daughters for beer money and then deported General Tuor, the finest commander in the Isles, because Tuor defeated him in a game of chess.

During a time of peace for the Isles, barbarian soldiers under the command of Link of Cool Land swarmed through the Kingdom, eliminating all but eight of the country’s soldiers, and crippling the economy.

Rodric the Mad was sipping tea on his balcony before the populace when the invaders swept through the streets of Rillanon – the Kingdom capital – murdering innocent bystanders without cause.

Rodric himself took a bullet scrape to the side of the head and, after bold policemen had driven off Link’s soldiers, was admitted to hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors pronounced him even more insane than first though, and too sick to rule.

Sadly, Rodric did not live much longer. On his deathbed, he rasped to the city Police Commissioner – his new general – “I name my heir the cabbage patch…I will capture the pudding…” before his head slumped down onto his chest and he passed away.

The Commissioner, taking the madman’s words literally, ventured into the royal garden and picked out the largest, greenest cabbage he could find, placing it on the golden throne of the Kingdom.

The new king, who the people of Rillanon named Green Vanwold the Cabbage King, sat upon his throne all day to the cheering of his loyal followers, oblivious to the fact that they were worshipping a vegetable. Eventually, when Vanwold didn’t respond, the crowd dispersed, bored.

The Kingdom of the Isles then entered a time of no progression, due to the fact that the Commissioner refused to take orders from anyone but the King, who, of course, couldn’t think let alone speak.

The population almost cried out in joy when one day the Commissioner was found dead in his office and King Vanwold had exploded into many leafy pieces, having taken a bullet in the heart.

The assassin’s belonged to the deported General Tuor, who then took the crown for himself, becoming the almighty King Tuor du Isles. It was the first time since the fall of the nation called Torania that the Isles had been led by someone who was not only perfectly sane and a human, but was intelligent and cunning.

Tuor’s heir is his 23-year-old son Turambar and his other children Feanor (19) and Esta (15).

Long live Tuor du Isles.

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