This article is on the Pope(s) of the fictional nation Roleplaying game Cyber Nations and is no reflection on the opinions, views or ideals of Cyber Nations or any of the people/parties represented in this article, who are largely fictional. For the actual defenition and documentation of Popes see the Wiki Article, to re-iterate, this is fictional, and based on the imaginations of RPers from across the globe.


The Rosian Catholic Church was founded by the clergy of Roseland after they had seen the turmoil of the CN Catholic Church. The Cardinal then consulted with the Prince for his ideas. The Prince then asked the people of Roseland what they wanted. In a overwhelming majority vote of 986-228 the people of Roseland asked for the Cardinal to be made pope. The Cardinal with the support of the clergy accepted. The Cardinal took the name Pope Marinus I.

The Church nowEdit

The Church is not a Protestant Church, and maintains the Catholic Tradition. The Pope does not wish to be named Pope of Cybernations and wishes not to be known as an Antipope. The Church wishes the CN Catholic Church to come to peace with itself. Pope Adrian I sits upon the Holy See of St. James and hopes to one day be united with the Holy See of St. Peter once again. The church currently has no nation as its home.

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