Merge sign Merge notice
This alliance merged to become part of the Independent Republic of Armed Nations.

Merger occurred on/around August 3, 2008
More info is available here.
Royal Armed Countries
Marshall Islands

RAC Official Flag
RAC Motto: Peace Keeping since 2008
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) Technoelite, Soucy,
Founded 09/12/2007

AllianceStats Statistics as of 09/3/2008

Total Nations 10
Strength 6,312
Avg. Strength 1,262
Nukes 0
Score 0.06


The Royal Armed Countries is a micro-alliance on blue, consisting of 7 members.


The alliance was founded in 2007, with the founding principle to keep peace, and to help countries get involved more in world affairs. Technoelite was the founding member of the Allaince, he had been in the NADC but went after he learnt the skills to found his own alliance, where technoelite and soucy then set up the RAC. It is now a small micro alliance that believes in it independence, and have had many merge requests from many different alliances.

Current Goverment

Elections are held every 4 months to decide who will become the President. If elected the President then must decide who will be in his cabinet and this can be any one within the alliance.

President: Technoelite

Defence Minister: Pathfinder

Forgien Minister: Pathfinder

Home Office: Technoelite

Treasuary: Stal

Minister of Religion and Propaghanda: Glitch 100

These are subject to change every 4 months when elections do happen.


Any one can join the RAC they dont have to pass any tests they just have to show that they are willing to become part of the RAC's democratic process.

Purple Incident

The RAC were targeted by a member of the United Purple Nations for a tech raid, however, the situation was resolved gracefully by the United Purple Nations, as the raid was not authorized.

Order 12

" Hence forth, any tech raid that is done against the RAC will be conisderd an act of aggression towards the RAC, if that nation is in an alliance attacks will continue untill the items taken are got back , this hence forth will continue untill these attacks stop, lastly if said nation is in an alliance and they contact us then the attacks will stop." ( Presidents state address to the Senate) THIS HAS NOW BEEN REPELED

The July War

On the 6/29/2008 the Royal Armed Coutries commenced milatary action against the The Imperial Axis alliance the reason for war becuase of a break down in comunications between the two alliances, this lead to a full scale war to break out, between the two with president Technoelite getting full support from the parliment. The war is still ongoing.

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