President Rufus T. Firefly
Freedonia- Firefly
Name Rufus T. Firefly
Place of Birth: Huxley, Old Freedonia
Age: 50
Birthdate: October 2, 1957
Religion: Judaism
Order: 19th President of the United Republic of Old Freedonia
Political Affiliation: Freedonian Centrist Organization
Term Began: March 20, 2006 (Planet Bob time)
Term Ends: N/A
Vice President: Adolph Arthur Marx
Predecessor: Otis B. Driftwood
Successor: N/A

Introduction Edit

Rufus T. Firefly is the 19th President of the United Republic of Old Freedonia. The Firefly Administration has seen its good times and bad, and throughout the difficult times, the President has piloted the nation to miraculous new heights. Firefly has seen many things in his time, and his understanding of the world around him and the wisdom that can only come from age has helped shake off the repugnant things Old Freedonia had branded on its good name. He led the nation through a gory conflict onto its admirable ascension into Planet Bob. Hail, hail Freedonia!


Rufus T. Firefly was born the fourth out of six children to his German mother and French father. The Firefly family grew up on the Upper East Side of Huxley, in a small Jewish neighborhood sandwiched between Irish-German and Italian neighborhoods.

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College YearsEdit

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Life Before PoliticsEdit

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Political BackroundEdit

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The Freedonian-Sylvanian ConflictEdit

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The Global Alliance and Treaty OrganizationEdit

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Personal Interests and Misc. InfromationEdit

Misc. InformationEdit

  • Unlike his five brothers, he was the only one who did not change their name to Marx.
  • Four of his brothers are in his cabinet.
  • His brother Leonard Marx was a formor spy for Sylvania, but defected over to Old Freedonia before the conflict was over. Minister Leonard Marx has stated that his brotherhood with Firefly made no difference to his changing sides. "The food is better over here," Minister Leonard said.
  • President Firefly is known for being a wisecracking sharpy. He is never seen without his trademark cigar. He also does not walk "right", he walkes with a half crouch due to a back injury in his vaudville days. He can walk normally, but its more comfortable to crouch-walk. Firefly will insult anyone who stands in his way with his sharp wit. He has been described as a sort of political Groucho Marx.
  • President Firefly has been noted as a good singer, dating back to his vaudville days.
  • As a joke, at his Presidential Inauguration, he sang a song about crooked laws he would make, and making Old Freedonia a dictatorship. Such fake laws were: no gum chewing, no smoking, no dirty jokes, no pleasure, if anyone is got taking graft and he doesn't get his share...POP! goes the weasle. The irony was, he smoked his cigar and chewed gum throughout his joke.
  • His first Secretary of War (now a retired position) quit during the first Cabinet meeting in anger. He asked the President to take up the taxes, Firefly responded, "Why don't we take up the carpet. No wait, you do need to take up the tacks before you take up the carpet." Firefly continued to insult the Secretary of War afterwards.

Personal InterestsEdit

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