National Flag
Capital City UnUni
Established 10/1/2007
(3,825 days old)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler Rincewind
Statistics as of 4/5/2008
Literacy Rate 27.14%
Religion Voodoo Voodoo
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 385.00
Technology 54.00
Nation Strength 1,670.413
Nation Rank 21,453 of 5,242 (409.25%)
Total Area 114.312 mile diameter Earth icon
Native Resources Gold and Gems
Connected Resources Cattle, Lead, Marble, Oil, Pigs, Rubber, Sugar, and Uranium
Bonus Resources Microchips

Nation InformationEdit

Runatopia was a nation of the Blue team and the Alliance of Neutral Armadas. It has since been deleted in the game.