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The following are all of the State of the Alliance speeches for the STA given by the Supreme Chancellor Tygaland.

1st EditionEdit

Less than a week ago our alliance was created. With nothing other than a twinkie-loving leader the foundations of the Siberian Tiger Alliance were laid in the White Team. Established alliances migrated to the white team to join a number of smaller, new alliances that had opened their doors for business upon the creation of the white trading sphere.

The numbers in the Siberian Tiger Alliance began to grow steadily with long established nations taking a gamble on a new alliance and newly created nations getting their first experience of being part of an alliance as the Siberian Tiger Alliance found its feet. Our recruiters had hit the ground running, there were no shortage of volunteers, while other nations set about setting up the forum, writing the Charter and organising the alliance's finances and foreign policies.

In this short week, the Siberian Alliance has swelled to 40 members to be one of the largest alliances in the white team. Our members have seen the unveiling of our Charter, our flag and seen the forum grow and become a hive of activity. Our bank has been established and our members have already reaped the benefits of being part of the alliance as we resolved issues of rogue attacks so early in our history.

Diplomatically we have opened numerous embassies on our forum and are in the process of deploying our own ambassadors to represent our alliance to the Cyberverse. We have signed a protection pact with the New Polar Order to ensure our members are safe during the vulnerable early stages of our allainces development. We will shortly sign a pact between a number of our fellow white team alliances to ensure the white team works together. Cooperation within the white team makes the white team appealing to new nations and therefore benefits not only our alliance but all alliances in the white team.

Personally, I would like to thank the many nations who have worked hard to make the first week of our existance an active and successful one. The recruitment corps lead by Love is in the air have done a fantastic job in inviting new nations to our alliance. Shardie and Azrial have worked tirelessly on the Bank and the benefits of their work will be reaped by all our members. Renova has done an excellent job with the forum and Vostilak has shown great initiative in the area of Foreign Affairs.

The foundations of the alliance have been laid. We cannot predict how the future will pan out but with continued hard work from our members our alliance will continue to grow and get stronger. More nations will emerge to take on the increasing workload of a growing alliance and those with the dedication and skills will be given the responibility they earn.

The State of the Alliance will be a weekly report on our alliance's progress and will be posted on the Siberian Tiger Alliance forum, in our Embassies and on the Cybernations forum.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

2nd EditionEdit

Two weeks into its alliance's existance and the Siberian Tiger Alliance continues to grow stronger and refine its internal procedures. Our numbers have swelled to 53 and our average strength has climbed to over 3000. The Recruitment Corps continue to work tirelessly under the able supervision of love is in the air. The Recruitment Corps continue to set themselves recruitment goals and there is no reason why they will not achieve their goals.

Over the past week many new developments have taken place within the alliance as the Siberian Tiger Alliance strives to become the best organised alliance in the white team and the Cyberverse.

Azrial was appointed to the position of Chancellor, second in command behind the Supreme Chancellor.

Battalions were created for Siberian Tiger Alliance members and leaders of these battalions (Curator Panthera) were appointed rewarding nations that have shown maturity and activity over the two weeks the Siberian Tiger Alliance has been in existance.

Financially, the first Siberian Tiger Alliance aid chain was conducted this week. Thanks to the the organisational skills and generosity of Azrial and Shardie, 6 million dollars was sent out to member nations to assist their growth and development. The Bank of Siberia continues to grow with the needs of members nations and has a number of initiatives in the pipeline.

In Foreign Affairs, Vostilak has deployed our Ambassadors opening Embassies in alliances tied to the League, the Initiative and those unaligned. The Siberian Tiger Alliance signed onto the United White treaty, a non-aggression/cooperation pact between the Prism Protection Front, >_<, USS, FIRE and the Siberian Tiger Alliance. The treaty is seeking to be expanded to include other white team alliances in the future.

Our members continue to receive protection from rogue attacks. All attacks have been resolved through private channels and reparations received.

The second week has been one of consolidation and internal development. As the membership grows the structure of the Siberian Tiger Alliance grows to meet the needs of our membership.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

3rd EditionEdit

Three weeks in and the Siberian Tiger Allaince continues to grow. Now approaching 60 nations our averagre strength has surged past 4000 and we have move past the 200,000 total strength mark.

The Siberian Cup football (soccer) tournament is currently underway and with 1 million schillings in prize money up for grabs the competition is fierce. The tournament now moves into the Quarter Finals, the first knockout stage as we near the business end of the tournament.

Recruitment-wise, our recruitment corps have managed to lure a number of larger nations into our alliance which has boosted our average strength considerably. The corps continue to recruit heavily despite the increased competition from many new alliances either moving to the white team or being created here.

Our battalion leaders, Curator Panthera, were named this week. Congratulations to Kyle, Sharok, Lord Gideon, Huntzman and Renova for their work within the alliance over the short time of its existance. No effort goes unrewarded. The number of rogue attacks on our nations decreased this week and all but one were resolved diplomatically. The one case where an unaligned rogue decided to fight on will give our younger nations a scratching post on which to sharpen their claws for future battles.

Diplomatically, the Siberian Tiger Alliance signed a non-aggression pact with the Legion. The profile of the Siberian Tiger Alliance continues to grow and we were honoured that the Legion would approach us for such a treaty. This combined with our protection pact with the New Polar Order and the newly expanded United White has increased the security of our alliance and further shown our desire to be a responsible alliance in the Cyberverse. Our diplomats continue to fan out across the Cyberverse setting up embassies while our own Embassy Row continues to expand as more and more alliances set up embassies on our forum.

In banking news, the second Siberian Tiger Alliance aid chain is in the pipeworks under the able supervision of Chancellor Azrial and Shardie. Our policy of only offering structured aid rather than paying nations to join our alliance is paying dividends as our members that receive aid are loyal and active within the alliance. Another 6 million schillings will find its way to our members soon, that coupled with 1 million schillings for the Siberian Cup prize and the 500,000 schillings offered by the Supreme Chancellor for a forum banner design means that, despite the apparent trend of aid for no reason amongst alliances, our members receive what they need without the need to beg.

This week again saw our alliance expand domestically and diplomatically while our members gained strength at a great rate. The Siberian Tiger Alliance continues to provide a professional and efficient alliance on the white team.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

4th EditionEdit

This week the Siberian Tiger Alliance passed two milestones. The first saw the alliance's total strength pass 300,000 and the second saw our numbers pass 70. This is a glowing endorsement of both our Recruitment Corps and the Bank of Siberia.

In diplomatic news the Siberian Tiger Alliance continues to open new embassies to promote diplomatic relations with all alliances in the Cyberverse. This week also saw the signing of a Mutual Cooperation Pact with the Commonwealth of International Nations.

The Bank of Siberia is currently running the second aid chain to promote growth and strength in our member nations. The bank also increased its staff as it looks to develop new programs to assist our members in the future and to cope with the growing demands of a rapidly growing alliance.

The Siberian Cup football (soccer) tournament concluded this week with Gausson taking the title after a penalty shootout decided the final against Shardistan. Gausson pocketed 1 million schillings in prize money for their efforts.

Defensively, the Siberian Tiger Alliance continues to deal with rogue attacks on our members privately if the attacker is aligned and by military retribution of the rogue is unaligned. A couple of rogue nations are now assisting the alliance by allowing our young nations to sharpen their claws while sending theie puny nations to zero infrastructure.

This week has seen our numbers grow quickly and our nations get stronger. It has seen the demands on the nations working in the bank, recruitment and the diplomatic corps increase creating further opportunities for active nations to step up and contribute to the alliance that protects them and enables them to get stronger faster.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

5th EditionEdit

Week 5 has seen the growth of our alliance stall in number but continue to grow in strength. The unfortunate departure of our head of Recruiting Corps, lov4ever_90 due to a spying scandal has left our recruiters rudderless and has affected our growth. This has been rectified with a replacement appointed today.

This week saw the Siberian Tiger Alliance sign a Mutual Cooperation Pact with the Coalition of Defensive States as a welcome to the white team. The Siberian Tiger Alliance continues to seek ways to make the white team the most civil of teams and therefore make it an attractive team for new nations looking for a team in which their nation will flourish regardless of which alliance they join. The number of Embassies opening on our forum continues to grow and Vostilak is restructuring our diplomatic corps to cope with this growth.

As alluded to earlier, Consilium Tigris member and head of the Recruitment Corps, love4ever_90 was expelled from the Siberian Tiger Alliance after information from Fark exposed lov4ever_90 as a spy. Neither alliance is certain who he was spying on or for as both alliances were oblivious to his activities. lov4ever_90 registered as a member of Fark using the nation name of his "real life friend" VooDoo who happened to also be in the Siberian Tiger Alliance. Fark detected this anomaly and asked the Siberian Tiger Alliance to investigate. lov4ever_90 promptly confessed when held to the blowtorch and was immediately expelled as was VooDoo. Both these nations left after accepting over 4 million in aid between them. VooDoo is currently under attack after refusing to pay. lov4ever_90 has until the 27th February to repay 2.1 million and has fled to peace mode and the orange team. The Siberian Tiger Alliance thanks Fark for their professional handling of this matter and its prompt resolution.

The second aid chain continues via the Bank of Siberia who also began unveiling their Graduation Prize program rewarding nations for developing their nations to certian levels of technology and infrastructure. Two new members were added to the Bank of Siberia staff to assist with the growing demands. Congratulations to Raul and Silhouette on their appointment.

In other promotion news rocco31fb was promoted to the Consilium Tigris to replace lov4ever_90 as head of the Recruitment Corps. Silhouette was also added to the Consilium to head the trade department and manage the resource trading of our member nations. I congratulate both nations on their promotion and look forward to working with them for the betterment and growth of our alliance.

In war news, the number of rogue attacks has diminished this week. Our members continue to battle rogues that refuse to give in and are benefiting from the war experience and liberated technology. VooDoo is also under attack from the theft of aid money and their involvement in the spying scandal.

Lybertitia (aka Azrial) was elected to the White Team Senate after the senate reset on the 20th February. A coordinated campaign within the alliance to ensure maximum voter turnout was successful and we believe it is of benefit to the white team to have the strongest nation and a very experience nation in the senate for the stability of the white team.

This week has been one of minor upheaval for the alliance. Our numbers have plateaued and one of our leadership group has let the alliance down greatly. However, those that are not loyal to the alliance are replaced by those that are and the Siberian Tiger Alliance continues to push forward. We have seen a number of active and level-headed nations join our alliance this week meaning that although we did not grow in number we certainly grew in the quality of members in our alliance.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

6th EditionEdit

Week 6 has seen our numbers begin to grow again after the lov4ever_90 spy scandal created some minor upheaval to our recruitment efforts. We have climbed back above 70 members and our average strength has passed 5000 nation strength. The Siberian Tiger Alliance also passed 350K total strength this week. The upturn in recruiting is attributed to newly promoted Rocco31fb who has show initiative and dedication to his role in recruitment and the alliance will fell the benefits of his efforts over the coming weeks.

The restructure of our Diplomatic Corps continues and the number of Embassies being created on our forum continues to grow. The Siberian Tiger Alliance signed no new pacts this week.

Our second aid chain was completed this week with 30 million dollars in aid being passed out amongst our members. Thanks to former member, Anthony, for his generosity and for providing the aid he promised as a member even though it was not required from him as he left the alliance after a week to return to the NPO. Also thanks to Azrial and Shardie for organising yet another aid chain. The first round of graduation prizes are being arranged for nations that have graduated from Baby Tiger to Little Tiger basd on their infrastructure and technology levels. Vostilak also won the first Super-Lucky-Raffle-Prize of 1 million dollars this week.

Militarily, we have had a number of rogue attacks and all have been solved privately with peace and, if required, reparations. The military aspect of the alliance will be revamped this week to enable a new chain of command to better assist our members when they need assistance. This revamp will not see any new positions created in the alliance but will redefine what the current military officers are required to do.

The Siberian Tiger Alliance lost their Senate seat this week. As, numbers-wise, the fourth largest alliance in the white team behind CDS, \m/ and Illuminati it was a great effort of coordinated voting to get Lybertitia into the senate and with increasing numbers we hope to make our senate presence a permanent one soon.

This week has seen our spying-induced dip in numbers begin to be corrected and our members continue to grow stronger by the day. Our members have been protected from rogues and have received prizes for their achievements with their nations to enable them to grow even stronger. A trend we hope to continue next week.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

7th & 8th EditionEdit

This edition is a combined week 7 and 8 as due to unforseen circumstances last weeks edition could not be printed. The past two weeks has seen a few big departures from the alliance. Our senate candidate and head of the banking department, Azrial, resigned fromt he alliance to join another alliance. A couple of other nations decided to move on which meant our alliance population has remained steady at 75 for a couple of weeks now. However, as these were larger nations our average and total strength have taken a hit. Rocco31fb has reorganised our recruitment and is currently running a recruitment competition to try and reinvigorate our recruitment department. Currently our number of new recruits is equal to those leaving or being deleted for inactivity, however I'm sure that this will change soon enough. Militarily we have had very few rogue attacks and all have been resolved therough private, diplomatic channels or via the guns of our members nations' troops. The military aspect of the alliance has been revamped to provide a clearer chain of command and to cover small periods of inactivity by battalion leaders by assigning two members of our Consilium Tigris to oversee the battalions and step in to act quickly if a battalion leader is offline. Battalion leaders are now also required to provide weekly reports on the activities and movements within theor battalions. Diplomatically, we continue to open embassies on our forum at a fast rate and when Vostilak returns from his brief break we will be looking at getting the ambassadors from the Siberian Tiger Alliance reorganised and focussed on managing our Embassies throughout the Cyberverse. New development in the alliance this week was the introduction of the Siberian Council. The Siberian Council will consist of 10 members elected from the membership to act as a thinktank for the alliance. Members of the alliance can submit ideas tot he Siberian Council for debate and discussion. Any ideas the Siberian Council recommends will be passed to the Consilium for discussion and finally to the Supreme Chancellor for a final decision. Nominations and elections have been held over the past 8 days and the inaugural Siberian Council consists of Dr.G (leader of the Siberian Council), Sharok, Madmonkey24, Lord Gideon, Craigo16, Toadhead, Humarrogance, Ivan Groznyy, McBain and Raj-Kumari. The upcoming week will be the last before I take my holidays and leave the alliance in the capable hands of our Chancellor, Shardie. The Siberian Tiger Alliance looks forward to a week where the Siberian Council comes up with some new ideas to invirgorate the alliance and a week where we begin again to grow in numbers as our current members grown in strength.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

9th EditionEdit

After a month's break the State of the Alliance address returns for its 9th edition. A lot has happened in the Cyberverse over the past 5 or 6 weeks and even though war did not ravage the nations of the Siberian Tiger Alliance the war did have an effect on the alliance as a whole.

At the outbreak of Great War III we lost a number of our larger nations as they decided to return to their old alliances once war broke out. These nations were permitted to leave as we do not force nations to stay but they were informed that their decision meant they could not return to the Siberian Tiger Alliance after the war. Allowing nations to run off to fight foreign wars and return to take up their old office is a poor precedent and one we did not want to set. As a result our numbers began to drop, our total strength dropped and we had a wartime slump in recruitment.

Questions were asked as our numbers sagged to below 60. Is the alliance finished? Why aren't people joining? The answer was quite simple. Those that were in the Recruitment Corps had decided they did not have the time to recruit anymore. We were losing numbers because none were being invited to join. This is where Rocc31fb stepped up and took on the challenge of restarting the Recruitment Corps. Soon after the numbers of recruiters swelled and our alliance began to grow rapidly again. At this point in time we are approaching 100 members, 500,000 total strength and our average strength has again climbed t over 5000. Rocco and his team have done an excellent job since taking on the recruitment role and the future of our alliance looks good with hardworkign and dedicated members in our Recruitment Corps.

During my absence Shardie was acting Supreme Chancellor ably assisted by Rocco and Moridin. It was a seamless transition and the alliance did not miss a beat while I was on my annual leave. I'd like to thank these nations and the many others that anonymously assisted with the running of the Siberian Tiger Alliance during April. It shows that the alliance has a good core of loyal members capable of taking on the challenges of running a growing alliance.

Militarily the past couple of weeks have been a tumultuous time for the Siberian Tiger Alliance. The alliance allows "tech raiding" provided the nation you attack has their alliance affiliation set to 'None' and they are not a member of the white team. However, the past week has seen a spate of bad tech raids on aligned nations resulting in two expulsions, one nation resigning and the entire alliance being put on notice. The Siberian Tiger Alliance apologises publicly to those alliances that have been attacked by rogue members of our alliance and we thank those alliances for settling these issues privately and diplomatically. The Siberian Tiger Alliance does not and never will condone rogue attacks.

Diplomatically the Diplomatic Corps have finally been restructured. Our diplomats will now be fanning out across the Cyberverse opening embassies. We cannot cover all allliances at the moment so have concentrated on major alliances, those we have treaties with and those alliances whose diplomats are active on our forum.

In domestic news, the second Siberian Council was voted in on April 15th and they have already began discussing new initiatives for the Siberian Tiger Alliance. OnlyforCN has opened his Daily Forum for debates, polls and daily facts and we look forward to more ideas to improve the alliance coming from the Siberian Council.

The second Siberian Cup soccer tournament kicks off in May with another 1 million dollars up for grabs.

In banking news Moridin has taken over as head of the bank and has brought the alliance back up to date with graduation prizes and growth program payments. There have been a growing number of large to mid-sized nations stepping up to help out with the bank and this means that the financial future of the alliance is in good hands.

Overall, the past weeks have seen the Siberian Tiger Alliance faced a mini-crisis as our numbers dropped and large nations left us to fight in the Great War. We emerged from the crisis quickly thanks to the hard work of our members and we now look forward to surpassing 100 members and 500,000 total strength in the next week or two. With combined effort and focus the Siberian Alliance has once again began to strengthen and grow, somethign that will continue well into the future.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

10th EditionEdit

The tenth edition of the State of the Alliance address sees the Siberian Tiger Alliance pass a milestone. The total strength of the alliance passed 500,000 this week and we now sit at 95 members with inactives being deleted countering recruited nations.

This week also saw the introduction of the Tech Raiding License for Siberian Tiger Alliance members. Recent problems with tech raids by our members on aligned nations has lead to the Consilium Tigris deciding to introduce an exam and license to ensure that any nation in the Siberian Tiger Alliance wanting to tech raid will have a good knowledge of the rules of tech raiding and the consequences of breaking them. The exam was devised by Dirol and, with the assistance of Shardie, the new license system was put into action a few hours ago. The Siberian Tiger Alliance hopes that this will reduce the number of bad tech raids that come from our members and will weed out nations who are unwilling or incapable to follow the rules and Charter of the alliance.

Diplomatically our ambassadors have been sent out across the Cyberverse and embassies are being constructed to accommodate them. The increase in diplomatic activity has seen a number of new embassy requests on the Siberian Tiger Alliance forum and also seen some long dormant embassies revived. The alliance is still looking for interested members to join our Diplomatic Corps to further expand our presence in diplomatic circles.

Militarily we have had a few rogue attacks to deal with this week and it is pleasing to see our members move quickly to defend a fellow member in crisis. Our members from Balica battalion triple teamed both rogues within 24 hours and at the same time send out troops and money to assist their stricken comrade. Being a neutral alliance can breed complacency with respect to safety and the military response both from our troops and the Curator Panthera was a positive sign that our nations are alert and willing to defend the alliance when called upon.

The $1 million Siberian Cup football (soccer) tournament kicked of with the first games of the Group Stage held today. As the tournament goes on throughout the month we will find out which of the 16 teams will earn the right to be the football champions of the Siberian Tiger Alliance and pocket the prize money donated by the Supreme Chancellor.

In banking news, our new members are benefitting from the Cub Growth Program that is being run by Rocco31fb and financed by a myriad of large to medium sized members of the alliance as well as those nations that have graduated from the program. The bank is up to date in all prize payments and is organising another aid train somethime this week.

OnlyforCN's daily forum has seen a surge in forum activity and its polls and sometimes heated debates has helped get more members to the forum and also aided in raising the identity of members in the alliance and allowing member nation leaders to get to know each another a little bit better.

This week has been a positive one with a big milestone being passed and also changes made to remedy the bad tech raid problems that have been a blight on the alliance during the past 2 or 3 weeks. This weeks aid train coupled with continued recruiting should see our alliance get stronger and pass the 100 member mark.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

11th EditionEdit

This week saw the Siberian Tiger Alliance's numbers drop slightly from last week but our total strength grow to over 520,000 and our average strength approach 6000.

The introduction of the Tech Raiding License has been a success with 16 nations passing the exam and gaining their license and a further 6 nations currently sitting the exam. Our drop in numbers can partially be attributed to the 3 or 4 nations that decided they would rather leave the alliance than sit a 5 minute multiple choice exam to determine their knowledge of tech raiding rules in the Siberian Tiger Alliance. When introducing the licenses the leadeship of the Siberian Tiger Alliance were aware a few nations would leave but in the long run the license program will provide a more secure environment for our member nations and therefore is worth any short term loss.

Militarily the Siberian Tiger Alliance has been the victim of no new rogue attacks and bad tech raids from our members have ceased. As an alliance with a friendship pact with the Commonwealth of International Nations and a mutual defence pact with the New Polar Order we are saddened at the escalation in the tensions between these alliances but remain true to our treaties and will not get involved unless a third party alliance attacks the New Polar Order activating our mutual defence pact.

The Siberian Cup has reached the Quarter Final stage this week leaving only 8 nations in the running for the $1 million dollar prize. Iluvatar is also in the process of opening an American Football tournament for the Siberian Tiger Alliance. This, coupled with the success of OnlyforCN's Daily Forum has seen the forum become a true hub for the Siberian Tiger Alliance community and a number of foreign ambassadors.

Diplomatically, have now sent out all our Ambassadors to the various alliances of the Cyberverse. While some alliances have taken longer than others to build our Embassies we have seen an increase in diplomatic traffic on our forum and once all our Embassies are open we will have a greater presence in the Cyberverse.

In banking news, the continued growth of our member nations, highlighted by our increase in average strength and also total strength despite a slight drop in numbers can be attributed to our Cub Growth Program and the Graduation system. The bank is up to date on all payments and has even arranged another multi-million dollar aid train to further strengthen the loyal members of the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

The upcoming week will be one in which we keenly watch events such as the CIN-NpO war which may impact on our alliance. We will also look to again push towards the 100 member mark while maintaining the strengthening of those nations already fortunate enough to be members of the alliance. This week also sees the elections for the 3rd Siberian Council with polling booths closing on the 18th of May.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

12th EditionEdit

This week saw the Siberian Tiger Alliance reach a milestone, 100 members. This was largely due to the exceptional recruiting effort by the Head of Recruitment, Rocco31fb, with the assistance of Lammoth. Average strength dipped a little due to the influx of new nations but our total strength now nears 600,000.

The bank this week completed an aid train that dispersed 12 million dollars amongst our members thanks to the generosity of Shardie. Cub Growth Program and Graduation Prize payments are up to date with the former approaching the self-sufficiency stage. This week has also seen a number of Tech Deals under the supervision of panic-. Dr.G has also joined the bank team to allow us to keep up with demand as the alliance grows.

Diplomatically the Siberian Tiger Alliance has sent out its diplomats and is still awaiting for some of the alliances to build our embassies. As the Siberian Tiger Alliance gets bigger and stronger it will seek to become a bigger player in the Cyberverse with specific emphasis on diplomatic ties with other alliances.

In domestic news the Siberian Cup has now reached the semi-final stage with last tournament's runner up, Shardistan, again making the final four. They join Urbaina, Nation of Rawk and Pancake Kingdom with semi-final matches scheduled to be played this weekend. OnlyforCN's Daily Forum continues to grow and discussions are being commenced to revamp our forum to allow it to grow with the alliance.

In military news only one rogue attack was reported and despite our attempts to seek peace and reparations we were left with no alternative but to use the rogue as target practice for our smaller nations. The Tech Raid license has seen no more resignations from the alliance and Shardie has got on top of the exam marking after the initial deluge of applicants. While too early to tell, no bad tech raids have been reported since the license was put into place while a number of nations have taken up the art of tech raiding once obtaining a license.

This has been a week where a major milestone was reached by the Siberian Tiger Alliance. We now look forward to pushing towards 200 members and 1,000,000 total strength in the upcoming months.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

13th EditionEdit

This week has been a busy week for the Siberian Tiger Alliance. The alliance passed 650,000 total strength with average strength approaching 6,000 NS. The Siberian Tiger Alliance also consolidated its numbers at over 100 members, hovering around 110 members at the time of printing.

Domestically, the third Siberian Council was elected this week. Congratulations to Lammoth, Zulchep, General Moreland, OnlyforCN, panic-, Toadhead, Loathgar, Lord Valentine, craigo16 and FatTim on their election. The Siberian Tiger Alliance looks forward to the Siberian Council generating more ideas to improve our alliance over the next month. In sporting news Nation of Rawk leader by Rocco31fb defeated 505runner's Urbaina in a penalty shootout to win the Siberian Cup trophy and the $1 million prize. The next tournament is scheduled for August.

Militarily, we have had only a few rogue attacks this week with those from last week resolved using military force when diplomacy failed. After a weeks drop off in applications our surge in numbers has seen an increase in Tech Raiding License applications by new members of the alliance. Since the licenses were introduced we have had only one bad tech raid and this has been resolved and the alliance member warned and asked to sit the license exam so as to better understand the rules the Siberian Tiger Alliance has with regards to tech raiding and war. This week also saw the presentation of the Siberian Tiger Alliance Award for Valour to nations that have sacrificed for their alliance by jumping on rogues that have attacked on of their collegaues. Congratulations to gabeman313, Burnzilla, Carbinx, Kangae, zrt2002 (former member), Craisins, Anjou Poiter, ZDaat, FatTim, Loathgar, craigo16 and Kyle Walker on receiving this award and thank again to these nations for their sacrifice to protect their fellow alliance members.

In banking news the Loans Department has been suspended as it was serving no purpose. Members of the Siberian Tiger Alliance are looked after if their nation is attacked and they are not required to repay the alliance for that assistance so it was deemed the Loans Department was redundant. With the Aid System back in play in the Cyberverse the bank is now moving to getting up to date on Cub Growth Program and Graduation Prize payments. Our Tech Trading department has also been very active under the guidance of panic- and this has played a significant role in the rapid increase in the alliance's total strength.

Diplomatically, the Siberian Tiger Alliance is looking for more ambassadors to send out into the Cyberverse while we have steadily been opening embassies on our forum. Vostilak has returned from hiatus to again take the reins of the Foreign Affairs Department. The Siberian Tiger Alliance reiterated its neutral stance upon the outbreak of another war in the Cyberverse yesterday. The Siberian Tiger Alliance also opened its doors to any nation fleeing the violence that had complied with any terms of surrender they had been given.

Overall, this week has seen the Siberian Tiger Alliance continue to grow and our internal processes continue to adapt and develop to best suit our alliance and its members. We have seen new faces elected to out Siberian Council and those that have served the alliance in war rewarded for their efforts. It has been a good week for the Siberian Tiger Alliance and we look forward to many more good weeks to come.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

14th EditionEdit

This week has seen the Siberian Tiger Alliance continue to grow rapidly as we pass 120 members and approach 750,000 total strength. Our recruiting Corps have regularly reached their recruitment targets and our bank system continues to see our members grow stronger faster.

In domestic news the following nations have received awards from the Supreme Chancellor for their dedication and hard work for the Siberian Tiger Alliance without which the alliance would not be where it is today. Moridin, Rocco31fb and Shardie were awarded the Silver Tiger Award for outstanding contribution to the alliance over a long period of time. Dr.G, OnlyforCN, Lord Gideon and panic- were awarded the Bronze Tiger Award for their contribution to the alliance over a long period of time. The efforts of these nations are appreciated and acknowledged by the Supreme Chancellor and the members of the Siberian Tiger Alliance and I congratulate them on their honours.

In military news we have had a number of rogue attacks this week and for the most part diplomacy was not successful in resolving the incidents. Nations from Balica, Virgata and Amoyensis battalions are currently battling rogues that have attacked our members and refused to pay reparations in order to gain peace. The Siberian Tiger Alliance prefers to resolve such issues peacefully but if rogues refuse to comply with our requests then we have no hesitation in assigning our troops to send them to zero infrastructure. The Rules for Tech Raiding in the STA were updated in light of the declaration by FAN and GOLD with regards to tech raiding yelloe team nations. While the announcement by FAN and GOLD was disappointing and may well set a precedent that the Siberian Tiger Alliance hopes is not set, we have instructed our members to not tech raid yellow team nations for their own safety and the safety of the Siberian Tiger Alliance as a whole.

Diplomatically, a few changes in our Diplomatic Corps has seen our embassies manned again and it is hoped a new recruitment drive will see more nations volunteer as diplomats to ease the load on the few that are doing the job now. Our dealings with other alliances regarding rogue attacks have been positive and it is pleasing to see alliances such R&R that have good, solid leadership and a positive attitude when dealing with other alliances over unsavoury issues such as rogue attacks.

In banking news, the Loans Department has been been closed down after its initial suspension. It has been replaced by a War and Reconstruction Department to cater for the needs of those that have been attacked or who have gone to war in defense of an alliance member. A couple of aid chains were also run this week sending 6 million dollars in aid out to our members.

This week has seen the Siberian Tiger Alliance maintain its momentum as we rapidly approach the 1 million total strength milestone. Our internal policies and systems have adapted to the needs of the alliance members and in response to policy of other alliances that impact our membership. We look forward to moving up to the next level as an alliance and pass 1 million strength by the end of June.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

15th EditionEdit

This week has seen the Siberian Tiger Alliance continue to grow, if not in number, in strength. We surged past 750,000 total nation strength and now rapidly approach 900,000 meaning our target of 1 million total nation strength by the end of June is well within our sights.

Domestic news this week sees Zulchep promoted to the Consilium Tigris to assist with the Foreign Affairs Department and Communications within the alliance. Zulchep has been an active member of the alliance the past few months and has experience in the Cyberverse which will be invaluable to the Siberian Tiger Alliance. Our recruiters have focussed on recruiting larger, more experienced nations this week and this has seen a number of strong nations join the Siberian Tiger Alliance along with the usual numbers of new nations. A number of nations dying from inactivity has seen our membership grow only slightly masking the true numbers that have joined the Siberian Tiger Alliance this week.

Militarily our members continue to fight rogues who have attacked our members meaning our newer nations are fast becoming used to the war system. With one rogue attack resolved with diplomacy we are still at war with four other rogues that have refused our attempts at gaining peace. Another five nations have gained Tech Raiding licenses this week with couple more sitting the exam at this point in time. Since the introduction of the license process the Siberian Tiger Alliance has had no bad tech raids. a message that if done properly, there are no problems with Tech Raiding in the Cyberverse.

Diplomatically, the Siberian Tiger Alliance continues to open embassies and, with the introduction of Zulchep to the Foreign Affairs team, hopes to see an increase in our diplomatic presence in the Cyberverse. Off all the departments in the Siberian Tiger Alliance this is the area that has been lagging behind and we hope to rectify this over the next few weeks.

In banking news, after falling behind in Cub Growth Program and Graduation Prize payments due to assisting our nations fighting rogues the bank is getting back on top of the payments. The Tech Trade department continues to flourish and is responsible for a significant part the surge in strength in our nations.

This week has been a quiet one incident-wise. The alliance continues to grow and more and more nations are becoming involved and becoming part of the day-to-day running of the alliance. We have seen new nations got to war for the Siberian Tiger Alliance and develop a cameraderie that paints a good future for the alliance and its members. We now approach a major milestone for any alliance, 1 million total nation strength and we hope to announce the milestone in the coming weeks.

Strength to the Siberian Tiger Alliance!

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