Saerko is the current President of the Iron Kingdom of Ord, and most of that nations citizens view him as an enigmatic, almost omnipotent figure who has catapulted the nation onto the global scene in a very short period of time.


Little is known of where Saerko is from, how old he is, or even how he came to power in the current government. Only select members of the government and the media have ever seen his face, yet he often addresses the populace through radio announcements and written statements. Why he chooses to remain so secretive is a source of great concern and speculation of the population at large, but with the recent gains in Ord's economic sector, 97% of the people polled in the country chose the option "Who cares?" when asked the question "How do you feel about the President's secrecy?"

What is known about the President is that he is male, enjoys the company of his wife and two cats, and spends an inordinate amount of time playing online nation-building games and writing about them online in the Cyber Nations Wiki. He is also good friends with Jozef Ivanovich, regent of the Chill Land of Skadi.

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