Sahara is a new alliance created by Fez the Caliph, Cheyenne, and AgentLi. Sahara is currently under the protectiong of the Imperial Assault Alliance through the following treaty.

'Preamble: The Imperial Assault Alliance (IAA) and The Sahara (TS), in recognition of friendship and a desire for peace sign the following Protectorate Pact. Both alliances agree to the following terms, and will adhere to them during the time this treaty is valid.

Article I: The member nations of both signatories agree to a state of non-aggression. No member of either signatory may engage in hostile actions against the other. Nations who violate this term will be required to declare peace, and send reparations for damages done. Refusal to comply with non-aggression orders will result in harsh action, and they will face possible expulsion.

Article II: The IAA agrees to protect TS in the event of an attack on their alliance. The IAA will come to the immediate aid of TS. TS can also request defensive help from the IAA in the event of rogue attacks, or any other attacks on their sovereignty. TS is not required to come to the aid of the IAA, however they may enter the conflict if they feel compelled to do so.

Article III: The IAA and TS promote the betterment of each other’s economies. The signatories promote trade, and other forms of economic affairs. In the event that TS is in desperate need of financial aid, the IAA agrees to put forth what resources it can to help TS. If the IAA deems that TS is not in need of financial aid, they are not required to send aid.

Article IV: If an Imperial Ruling Council member of the IAA requests certain information regarding TS, the information must be given to that IAA leader. Nobody below the rank of Imperial Ruling Council member in the IAA is permitted to request confidential TS information.

Article V: TS agrees to become an Imperial Oversector, and will allow the presence of an Imperial Moff on their forums. The Imperial Ruling Council will choose the Moff, and he will act as the IAA’s voice in TS, and TS’s voice in the IAA. The Moff will be given admin status, and access to government areas of the forums.

Article VI: This treaty will expire when a point in time comes when TS has reached a total of 50 members. At that time, the signatories may discuss the making of another treaty to follow this one.

Conclusion: Both signatories agree to adhere to the following terms, and will abide by all the Articles of this pact.

Signed for the IAA: His Majesty, the Emperor: Chimaera Imperial Grand Vizier: Emperor Mathias Imperial Regent: Junkalunka Imperial Military Executor: Chaos_Armed Imperial Chancellor: Clone

Signed for TS:

Cheyenne, Executor Fez the Caliph, Grand Vizer Agent Li, Council Caitlin, Council'

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