Capital Yurioto
Formation 9/12/2007
Alliance Affiliation FoB
Nation Team Green
Official Languages Japanese
Majority Ethnic Group Japanese
Government Capitalist
Founder Yuri Baddic
(Current) Head of State Yuri Baddic
Official Religion Mixed
Currency Dongs
Motto "We are working on one"
Anthem we are happy little Vegimites
National Flag (Alliance Flag) Fearflag
Statistics as of 20/08/2009
Infrastructure 13,999.99
Technology 7,303.02
Literacy Rate 100%
Tot. Area 8,317.170
Environment Pretty good
National Strength 100,491.918
Nation Rank Ranked #279 of 26,518 Nations (1.05%)
Natl. Resources Coal, Rubber
Bonus Resources Steel, Beer, Asphalt, Automobiles, Construction, Microchips, Radiation Cleanup, Scholars

Brief History:

Has been around for awhile, starting in a self maid alliance called PIE, then moved to GATO, then ODN and back to PIE, tech-raided by Purge and some how joined them. This merged with Golden Sabres. Had a quick stint in CON and back to The most epic alliance ever.... GS!!! War and dissolution after some time. Moved to The Flying Ferrets then RDD then the Syndicate then FIRE and now in FoB.

Yuri is pretty sure he has been in other alliances but cannot remember.

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