San Deshavlarond is the sunny capital city of the Nation of Rothschiltopia, which is a sovereignty located in what used to be Iceland.

Name Origin Edit

The name San Deshavlarond is derived from the name of a Mii character created by the girlfriend of the ruler of Rothschiltopia, named LaShav'ra. The goal in naming the Mii such was to make the name as ridiculous as possible, although the character limit did not allow as many apostrophes as would have been liked.

LaShav'ra Edit

LaShav'ra has three eyes, the third of which was created by moving a mole to the exact center between her eyes. She is black and has blond hair. Also she has a beard and wears excessive makeup.

Other Acceptable Names Edit

  • "San Deshavlarond, Crusher of Other Cities"
  • "San Deshavlarond, Home of the Ruler of All Nations"
  • "San Deshavlarond, Scourge of Evil...and Good as Well"
  • "Awesome"

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