Winnipeg was once a thriving city and home to Canada’s first bio-safety Level 4 laboratory that held incurable, easily transmitted, fatal diseases for animals and humans . Years after the development of the laboratory, an explosion occurred that destroyed the laboratory and released the diseases in to the public. It is unsure how the explosion happened, the official report ruled that it was accidental while many people speculate it was terrorism. The population of Winnipeg was decimated and several aftereffects occurred in result of the explosion, including rising of the undead (zombies). The explosion is called many different names, but the common name is the “Day of Damnation”.

Immediately after the Day of Damnation, the city was quarantined and later disowned by it’s country in order to prevent further spread of the numerous deadly plagues. It is rumored that the nation even shot several survivors of the blast who tried to escape the quarantine zone, Canada has denied to had ever taken any such action. Anarchy ruled the land for years afterwards and later small clans of survivors formed, each with it’s unique system of government and culture.

Several attempts were made to unify the larger clans into one nation but due to their different views and a question of power, the first successful attempt is Scarsaw. Scarsaw was formed out of the need to defend the survivors from the ever growing threat of the undead, the wanting to rebuild and the desire to thrive once more on an international level.

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