National Flag
"Tha sinn a' maireann neo-chìosnaichte"

"we remain unconquered"

National Anthem
Scotannia an Aigh (Scotannia the Brave)
Capital City Cille Bhraonaidh
Official Language(s) Scots gaelic
Demonym Scotannian/Scot
Government Type 25px Democratic Socialist
Ruler General Dolan
Alliance Arsflagmirrorce5
Ascended Republic of Elite States
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Currency Currency Euro Euro

The Birth of ScotanniaEdit

Modern day Scotannia is a combination of Scotland and Northen England.

In 1970 the British election resulted in a conservative majority. Scotland had not voted for an conservative right wing government but rather a left thing socialist government. But due to England having more constituencys thus more seats the conservatives were always going to win the elction. Once in power the conservative government began their class war on the Scottish and Northen English people. The conservative govt began closing down mines and factorys which employed millions.

After making millions unemployed the conservative government reduced job seekers benefit for those not employed to £5 per week. That was not enough for anyone to live on. People began to die.

The people began with protests. They were ignored. Protest turned to riots. The conservative government deployed army to halt protests. This only increased hostilities. From this the RSR the Red Scottish restistance. The RSR was an armed RSR group who aim was to seperate Scotland from the UK.

After months of street battles, bombings, assassinations and kidnappings from the RSR to conservative govt officals and supporters. The conservative government granted Scotland its independence. GeneralDolan leader of the RSR was choosen to lead the nation.

The conservative Government continued its war against the working class in the UK. Immagrants from Northen England flooded into Scotland. Which was now a socialist nation. GeneralDolan saw the oppression of the people living in Northen England from capitailism the free market and the torys. GeneralDolan declared war on the Uk and invaded Northen England. The scots with no shortage of volunteers from both Scotland and Northen England advanced easily. The Uk was brought to its knees. It was agreed between both governments that Scotland would stop its advancement. However the soverignity of Northen England was now in Scots control. Scotland with its expanded boarders was renamed Scotannia. The old saltire was changed to a red star with the hammer and sickle in the middle with a black back round. The socialist star to represent equality always in Scotannia and the black back round for respect of the dead because of capitalism.