About Sebland

Sebland is a relitivley new nation to the the cybernation world. Where is Sebland? you may be asking (probaly not) well Sebland is at the coordinates x-0 and y-0 on the others outer surface or in English terms just under the tip of North West Africa. The countries government is Monarcy and the Religion is Shintu. Sebland is a member of the 'Independent Republic of Orange Nations' but has only joined up quite recently. I personaly found the Alliance great and the forums are extremely friendly and useful for getting tips off.

Emperor Suldan, Ruler of Sebland, was once a mighty leader and was loved by his people, but now, in his old age Suldan is growing paranoid and has declared war on all his neihgbouring countries in an attempt to cling on to power. The people of Sebland are growing restless and wish for a new leader, however as soon as an appropriate succesor emerges, the increasily irational Sulan will have them publicly executed to instill fear into his people.

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