Copied from Second Renaissance Government Documents

As an outline of the prupose and goals of the Second Renaissance, the following is to provide foundation and guideance for government operations, as well as claritying the relation between member nations and the ruling body. This text constitutes an amendable legal companion to the Charter and Constitution of the Second Renaissance.

The Second Renaissance strongly values the right to life, liberty, and property, as well as the ideals of freedom, independence, justice, and individualism.

With this in mind, the Second Renaissance is meant to function as a loose confederation of member nations, each retaining most of their sovereignty, while granting to the state only a minimal degree of power.

As one of the most influential and controvercial aspects of the game, the alliance's position on war requires special attention. As a soverign and independent nation, each member state reserves the right to self-defense- in fact, this is the primary reason to join any alliance- improved defensive capabilities. The power to make war, however, is delegated to the governing body of the alliance. Once all peceful means of resolution are exhausted, it is within the limit of the War Council (or other appropriate governing bodies) to officaially declare war. However, the sovereignty of independent nation's is still supreme- no nation is ever required to partake in a war. An offical declaration of war is simply a permission to engage in war if it is thought necessary.

Likewise, no nation is required to provide economic aid, or any other membership due for that matter. The Second Renaissance is an organization of completely voluntary association.

The Second Renaissance is an association of independent member nations with the goal of preserving member nation's right to life, liberty, and property, while promoting the noble ideals of freedom, independence, justice, and individualism.

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