The legislative branch of Nova Rio was a unicameral elected group of 65 senators. The Senate was elected directly by the people, and the senators did not represent any specific geographic area in the nation. By the Constitution of Nova Rio, the number of senators in Nova Rio was increased by 1 each month, to compensate for continued growth.

Historical Makeup of the Nova Rian SenateEdit

The historical political makeup of the Nova Rian Senate:

Total Seats: 65

Party (Brief Description) - Seats Held

Nova Rian Nationalists (The Nationalists held a majority in the Senate. Their policies focused on moving Nova Rio farther away from Brazil both politically and economically, and they focused on acheiving this with the help of the corporations that gained Nova Rio its independance.) - 37

National Republican Party (The NRP sought to distance Nova Rio from the all-pervasive corporations of Nova Rio. They suffered from a number of corruption scandals, revealed by major corporations, as well as a number of assasinations and other deaths. The party lost their majority in the last election.) - 22

Nationalistic Economists (The NEs split from the Nationalists after disagreements over economic policies. The NEs were an extreme right-wing group that wished to further free Nova Rian corporations from the light restrictions placed on them now, and to essentially turn Nova Rio into a capitalit's paradise. They lost most of their support after the 2006 enviornmental disaster.) - 6


The Senate was dissolved in early 2007 during the War of Right, in which Frederik Sanchez became the Emperor of Nova Rio. Though protests aimed at reinstating the Senate have been made, the protests have had no effect so far.

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