National Flag
Capital City Marrath
Established 3rd Nov 2006
(4,160 days old)
Ruler Bob Janova
Alliance Flag of Gramlins
The Grämlins
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Native Resources Gold Cattle
Connected Resources Aluminum, Coal, Lumber, Marble, Gems, Wine, Fish, Wheat

Early Days Edit

Seria was formed after Cyber Nations was posted about on the internet community The 4th Kingdom in November 2006. For its first two months it grew as an independent nation under the umbrella of the 4th Kingdom Coalition, with a small amount of startup aid from other 4K members. During that time Seria grew to a nation strength of around 3000.

Loss of Independence Edit

Around this time the government became concerned that with the rise of tech raiding alliances (notably >_<, which later became \m/) and the destruction of CNARF, continuing as a moderate strength independent nation was dangerous, particularly with tensions rising in early December. In the event of a war it was thought more likely that Seria would be raided.

An appeal for suitable alliances was made, and of the Green Team alliances the Grämlins seemed to fit the national ethos the best. Seria was accepted into the alliance in early January 2007 in the midst of the Initiative vs League conflict and has since grown to 6000 strength by mid-February.

Alliance Membership Edit

The Grämlins in January was in a state of controlled anarchy, with all members enjoying full freedom of expression and action, but enjoying protection from raiding. Seria continued to grow much as before, but with less tension in its streets with the fear of attack largely removed.

During January the predicted war – later known as GW3 – did begin. The Grämlins were largely uninvolved but during the brief engagement with the Illuminati Seria was ordered to engage two Illuminati nations, anarchying one before an alliance-wide ceasefire was called.

From mid-April onwards, information from the Grämlins economic system has assisted Seria's growth to reach the 30,000 NS mark (where it can engage any nation) in late June. Despite the requirement being adjusted upwards to 50,000 NS, by late August Seria was once again capable of striking at any nation should it be required – a growth of 10,000 NS per month.

By importing technology and continued development of national infrastructure and wonders, Seria has a stable international rank of approximately 320th, around the top 1% of nations worldwide and between 90th and 100th on the Green team.

After the change to national strength on 15 April 2008, which vastly reduced the effect of standing military, Seria moved up the rankings to approximately 150th place worldwide.

Official Positions Edit

Bob Janova (ruler of Seria) was on the Council of Archons of the alliance between its formation in May 2007, and winning a Judicator election in February 2008. He was then Judicator of the Grämlins from February.