Capital Barabador
Formation 10/21/2006
Alliance Affiliation FOA,
Team Black
Type of Government Communist
Chief of State Ryan Alciaturi
National Religion Mixed
Statistics as of ??/??/????
Infrastructure 1400
Literacy Rate 78.94
Tax Rate 20%
Tot. Area
National Strength
Nation Rank
Tot. Population
Gross Income
Natl. Resources Coal, Fish

Servonia is a country led by the benevolent Dictator Ryan Alciaturi. It was founded by the survivors of the Genocide of the Atlantians after the Atlantic, Xenocide war. Because they were the veterans of this interplanetary war the Servonians have based their culture on preserving peace and, in the case of unsuccesful diplomacy they have developed an elite squad called the "Alciaturians" these elites are trained from birth to assasinate the leaders of the enemy. They along with Agnews, Servonia was the Co-founder of the FOA. The FOA has a rocky history and has been put through: alliance wars, Betrayal and incompetent negotiating. But even after these obsticles The FOA has pulled through and has only gotten stronger. As the Grand Feild Marshal and Supreme Dictator Ryan Alciaturi is known to say on many occasions when talking about the ability to keep going, "What dosn't kill us can only make us stronger.". Servonia will stand strong in the face of advercity and as Co-founder of the FOA Servonia will fight to the death for the FOA.

After recent turmoil and rebellion the Servonian secruity forces have imposed a greater preasence and the army have been sent undercover into the citys and have been given permission to kill on sight any one who harbours anti Servonian or anti Ryan Alciaturi views. Servonia is has closed borders for emmigration and its best forign relations are with Agnews, Morako and Fineland. Citizens of these lands are the sole people allowed to leave the country to re-habitate their own land.

FOA forever and let peace, or the lack of it (one or the other) last forever!

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