National Flag
Capital City Dharmanagara
Base Coordinates 13.632641180688471,
Founding Date June 17, 2006
Type of Government Communism
Governing Format People's Assembly, Executive
Ruler Civil Leader Devaraja
Ethnicity Indian 90%, Nepali 5%, Chinese 3%, Arab 2%
Religions State Sponsored: Hinduism,Jainism, Sikhism & Buddhism
Languages Official: Sanskrit, Kannada
Spoken: English, Hindi
National Motto "Namaste Sada Vatsale!"
Political Parties Communist Party, Free Market Shantisthan Party, Shantisthan Janta Party, Libertarian Party, Social Democrat Party, Green Shanitsthan Party
Resources Lumber and Lead
Connected Resources Coal, Furs, Marble, Gold, Iron, Silver, Oil, Wheat
Bonus Resource(s) Steel, Construction
National Color Saffron Orange
National Animal Golden Retriever
National Plant The Cactus
Currency Shantisthani Rupee
Time Zone Shantisthan Standard Time

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