Shimrodian (Shimrod's nation) was once the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Empire of Tamriel, then it was the Capital as Shimrod was elected as the Emperor. It then joined the New Pacific Order and became a Banker, fought in the Great Patriotic War, against rogues and then left the New Pacific Order to join the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving. It has since left GOONS and started the Global Society of Neutral Nations (GSNN), leaving that for The Rising Sun where it was the Minister of Foreign Affairs for two terms, pretty much setting said alliance up in the political arena. It then returned to the New Pacific Order as a Bank nation, Scribe, Cultural Attache' and Diplomat on the New Pacific Order's behalf. It then left the New Pacific Order and returned to the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving, to leave again and after a while create The Imperials. After leaving The Imperials after getting into a war with GOONS, Shimrodian applied for \m/embership but left quite quickly to join the New Pacific Order under the rule of Ivan Moldavi. Since Ivan Moldavi was couped he canceled his application and joined the New Polar Order. Shimrod currently leads Shimrodian as a member of the New Polar Order soldier, among other duties.

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