Flag of Silvaienia
Elen sila lumenn omentilmo.

(A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting)

Capital Aglar
Largest City Aglar
Official Languages English and Quenya
  • Monarchy
Holy Empress Hannah Avacyn
Alliance The Liquor Cabinet
National Animal The Dragon
National Anthem God Bless Silvaienia
Currency Dollar
 • Connected
Cattle & Sugar

Dedicated to the betterment of the world.


While the official founding date of the Silvaienian Empire is unknown, it is believed that the empire dates back thousands of years. Originally ruled by a King of Silvaienia, the kingdom became more imperialistic in wars and thus moved to change their title to the Holy Silvaienian Empire, led by the Emperor Charles B. Avacyn.

Silvaienia moved to the Cyberverse in October of 2007, led by the current empress, Hannah Avacyn.


Holy Silvaienian Empress - Hannah Michelle Avacyn
Regent - Olivia Avacyn
Minister of the Interior - Patrick Skybee
Minister of Defense - Steve White
Minister of Finance - Peter Stuart
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Alyssa Meadows



Silvaienia has an active, diverse, and thriving culture which focuses around the two major races within the empire: Human and Elven.




Food and AlcoholEdit

Sports and LeisureEdit





The official religion of Silvaienia is The Church of Silvaienia, founded in May of 2006 by Empress Hannah Michelle Avacyn. It is a Christian religion, similar to that of the Methodists or Baptists.
Current Head Priest - Reverend Martin Walker

New Polar OrderEdit

Silvaienia joined the New Polar Order in October 2006. The nation flew under the NpO alliance affiliation for 734 days before resigning from the order.


The nation of Silvaienia served on the Polar Council as the Deputy Minister of Plenty from September 2007 through May 2008. She then served as Deputy Minister of Peace in June 2008. Finally, Silvaienia served as Minister of Truth from July 2008 to September 2008.

The Order of Righteous NationsEdit

The nation of Silvaienia applied to and was accepted to TORN on Halloween of 2008.

Silvaienia served the Senior Ambassador to the Purple Sphere for TORN in addition to being the Ambassador to UPN and Genesis. She was later the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The Liquor CabinetEdit

Silvaienia was one of the founding members of The Liquor Cabinet, serving as the Deputy Director since it's founding.

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