Summary of Past Edit

The Nation of Solanthus was founded when Archmage Raistlin Majere cast Span Land and Time and landed on Planet Bob by accident. The Planet completely devoid of magic forced the Archmagus to leave his beloved magic and instead use his genius to first enthrall a small community and then to have them form their own nation. Quickly Donning the name of 'Raist', which was his nickname from his brother Caramon. He has arisen in power and brought his nation to glory. Counting on his past experiences his military is honorable as well as cunning. Raist has appointed himself King of Solanthus.

Religion Edit

Although the National Religion changes over time, due to King Raist's constant efforts at keeping his populace happy, the leading Religion is Triumvarites. They Worship the Three Gods, Paladine of the Light, Gilean of Neutrality and the Book, and Takhisis the Dark. Raist himself is said to worship none.

Military Edit

The Military of Solanthus trains strictly, a normal policing force staying active at all times. but in times of need the citizens themselves will be mustered and fight, as all citizens, male and female, are required at the age of 15 to undergo military training and strengthening. The Military is honorable, no raping and pillaging, and always saluting their enemies honor before going into a fight. They view it as the ultimate honor to die defeating the enemies of Solanthus.

All troops are armed with Swords as well as their standard loadout of modern equipment. All Citizens are trained in Swords.

Wars Edit

The Past of Solanthus is ridden with wars, starting with the now decimated Nation of Iamzeke. Originally a cruise missle target practice, the Nation of Solanthus allied itself with them later in an effort to keep their nations strong. eventually Iamzeke was annexed by surrounding nations ending its existance. The Nation of Solanthus has fought in both Great war III and Great war IV, and has been on the losing side both time, but never one to lose, Raist and Solanthus have always won victories over their enemies except the very few.

Raist himself is said to lead his army, and always states to his troops "I will fall when our Nation itself falls". so far this has been true, As Raist has never yet fallen in battle.

Current Statistics Edit

Land: 1,706.808 mile diameter.

Infrastructure: 3,999.99

Technology: 687.88

Nation Strength (Unmilitarized and unmustered): 20,441.274

Estimated Nation Strength Militarized: 26,441.274

Nation Link: Solanthus

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