South Ohio
No gods, no masters!
Updated June 5, 2006
Capital Springfield
Official Languages N/A, English de facto
Government Anarchy
Team Red
Formation April 23, 2006
National Strength 8,445.680
World Ranking 1
 • Total

1,273.709 mile diameter
 • Civilians
 • Military

9,819 Citizens
2,066 Soldiers
Currency 1 Dollar
 • Connected
Gems & Spices
Gold, Coal, Silver, Lumber, Marble, Uranium, Aluminum, Water

The People's Democratic Commonwealth of South Ohio, commonly known simply as South Ohio, is a small libertarian-syndicalist country located in west-central Ohio. It was founded after Black revolutionary forces (in this context, referring to anarchy, not the ethnic group) led by Sirhan Oswald signed the Dayton Treaty with the US/Ohio government on April 23, 2006. South Ohio is a neutral country that will only attack others if first attacked. It is also a member of the ZI Club.

The Great ZI-NPO War Edit

On June 11, 2006, South Ohio praised the nuclear attack against Ivan Moldavi. This resulted in immature NPO members attacking South Ohio. The militia of South Ohio fought bravely, defeated both enemies, and went on to defeat all of the NPO.

National LOL Day Edit

National LOL Day is the most important national holiday in all of South Ohio. The glorious and great holiday is on June 7 and is marked by hysterical laughter throughout all of South Ohio. It marks the great and wonderful nuclear attack on Ivan Moldavi.

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