Soviet White House Exterior

Presidential Administration of Georgia

Basement - FloorEdit

controlroom.jpg - Presidents Emergency Control Room

swimmingpool.jpg - Basement Swimming Pool

sov2.png - Basement Stairwell Going Up

piano1n.jpg - 7am Basement Piano Organ

bathroomv.jpg - 5 Bathrooms

1st Floor - State FloorEdit

bathroomv.jpg - 5 Bathrooms

51100968.jpg - Grand Stair Case

sov1w.jpg - Main Entrance Cristal Chandler

95086133.jpg - State Room Kitchen

bigdiningroom.jpg - State Dining Room

danceingroom.jpg - State Ball Room

garagem.jpg - 20 Car Garage

gardent.jpg - Indoor Garden

2nd Floor - First Family Private FloorEdit

bathroomv.jpg - 5 Bathrooms

75248029.jpg - Personal Kitchen

liveingroom.jpg - Living Room

sittingroom.jpg - Sitting Room

smalldiningroom.jpg - Family Dining Room

pianos.jpg - Piano Music Room

3rd Floor - First Family Private FloorEdit

bathroomv.jpg 5 Bathrooms

bedroom1a.jpg - Bed Room 1

bedroom3.jpg - Bed Room 2

bedroom4.jpg - Bed Room 3

bedroom2a.jpg - Bed Room 4

libp.jpg - Family Private Library

officexh.jpg - Private Office

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