Space Gate was a complicated situation that all started on a CN based Guild on another game.

Trouble IN SPACE! Edit

Astroempires is another game that is based in space and CN has established a Guild known as The Imperium. Diktat_Jorj_Gold_Skywalker quit The Imperium on Astroempires when it was being attacked by other guilds and instead joined his Empire, the Prussian Reich, to the EAA.

Nukes Fly Edit

Starfox101, at the time a member or CDS, directed a nuclear attack against DuetscheYurnia (Diktat_Jorj_Gold_Skywalker) for quitting the Imperium, and alliance in the AstroEmpires game. Wooster (Kingdom of Heaven) and San Marco (Marco Island) of the Blue Guard attacked Starfox after he resigned from CDS. Wooster nuked Starfox which angered some because nuclear first strikes were frowned upon. CDS and LUE attacked San Marco and wooster. Mq3eleven nuked San Marco but later paid reparations for the nuking which some thought was hypocritical of CDS. Peace and reparations had been negotiated between wooster and Starfox. LUE, CDS, and StarFox ceased attacks on Wooster and San Marco.

SweetJebusChrist nuked wooster (by request of StarFox)not knowing peace was declared. SJC refused to pay for reparations and asked for 100k ransom to cease attacks. SJC nuked wooster a second time before any retaliation. wooster and the Blue Guard refused, and attacked SweetJebusChrist with a nuke., speaker for the Blue Guard, defended Wooster despite SJC having 17 more nukes.

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