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Spirits Among Us: Be Scared...Or Not?

Original Run
November 15th, 2010 - December 18th, 2010 (reruns)
Created by
Madame Caralia

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Spirits Among Us was a popular television series in the United States of JBR during the Ghostly Bar Era time period and aired on RiteTV, a prominent television channel in the JBR satellite TV industry. The series is responsible for popularizing Voodooism and although it ran for only one season, it attracted many. The series discuss about paranormal activity, experiences, and Voodooism. The director and producer, Madame Caralia, was supposedly a medium and the series followed her as she interview other people and stay at nights at "haunted places". The series has been canceled by Caralia on the 18th of December after her conversion to Christianity. The series has reruns and the series is being rumored to create a second season with a new owner.


The show debuted on November 15, 2010 among the mostly atheist and secular population of JBR. The very first shows were regarded as entertainment and "silly" amongst many skeptics. However, after a 2-hour special documentary on the 10th episode, it convinced many people about paranormal activity and it also became a fashion among many people. Instantly gaining popularity, many people began watching every night of the show and Madame Caralia became a hit. The show also started the Ghostly Bar Era, with totalitarianism being enacted among the government. Some shows began showing about extraterrestrials, monsters, and other "supernatural" beings other than deities.


During the peak of its popularity, Caralia was confronted by a Christian theologian and the two both debated privately at Caralia's residence. After eight hours Caralia was convinced and went to the RiteTV studios saying she wished to no longer run the show. RiteTV announced to many fans that the show would no longer make new episodes and that reruns were on the way. This led to an abrupt flow of viewers on RiteTV for several weeks.


It has been rumored that the show may be revived by an unnamed physic and begin a second season. Caralia claims that she was not interested in selling her show and confirmed to the public that the show would not enter a second season. She has however, said that she may license the physic to run an internet series although Caralia is officially against the revival of the series in general.

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